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Alex D'Sa


Alex is an out lesbian, British Indian Actress (Chloe, Ackley Bridge, Eastenders) and Entrepreneur. She is cofounder of House of Pride, a platform for queer female and non-binary people which builds LGBT+ lifestyle spaces and initiatives around the world to celebrate queer excellence, helping the community grow personally, professionally, and creatively. She is also cofounder of SHADES, bringing the South Asian creative community together. Alex has a background in Financial Services and Technology. Her current role is Head of Programs at the mentoring and leadership company, WERKIN. In 2021 she was recognised as one of INvolve's Top 100 LGBT+ Future Leaders, and DIVA's Visible 100, Top 10 LGBTQ+ Women in Tech.

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Alex_D'Sa - queer south asian actress and entrepreneur

"It's taken me a long time to realise that I've spent my life trying to achieve excellence within systems and institutions that weren't built for me to succeed. Once I accepted that, I've dedicated every aspect of my life to building spaces, microcosms, that allow for marginalised folks to explore and thrive.” Alex D'Sa

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