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Our bespoke learning and development workshops and webinars are interactive, evidence-based and tackle distinct issues faced by LGBTQ+ community. They have been specifically designed to supplement and support in-house services, strategies and teams, empowering individuals with new tools for personal growth as well as techniques for managing their own health and wellbeing. And they are all delivered by our team of LGBTQ+ professionals.

Available in these formats:

1hr | 1.5hrs | 3hrs | 5.5hrs


Navigating Change.

A session exploring new tools and techniques for navigating and processing change. Participants take part in various creative and interactive activities to help uncover new information, process what comes up and to discover brand new perspectives. 

Developing Self-Awareness.

We take participants through a process of self-exploration and discovery. We support individuals at every level with identifying their full potential and becoming more authentic, impactful and compassionate leaders.

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Discovering My Purpose.

This session supports individuals with re-calibrating their personal and professional ambitions, challenge any self-limiting beliefs and give participants the tools to discover possible ways forward.

Telling My Story.

This programme focuses on creativity, expansive thinking and story telling. Led by a team of coaches and mentors, you'll be guided through a simple self-enquiry processes as you start to define and shape your own personal narrative. 

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Building My Resilience.

Building resilience is a complex and personal concept; the tools that work for one person may not be helpful to another. This workshop is designed to demonstrate the variety of useful tools at our disposal, focusing on the key areas consistent in literature and research.

Having More Influence.

A self-empowerment programme for those wanting to make more of an impact in their community, organisation or in the world. We’ll be introducing new processes and tools for putting your purpose into practice and remaining true to your values.


Finding Courage.

A workshop for those who feel ready to start embracing a part of their identity that has up until now been hidden, rejected or dismissed. Led by a team of queer mentors and coaches, we'll start to explore new processes and tools for integrating our uniqueness and sharing it with the world.

Owning My Strengths.

A self-empowerment workshop introducing new processes for identifying and amplifying our unique strengths. By focusing on what we're naturally good at, we begin to see and nurture our own value. 


How do they work?

1HR | 1.5HRS, 3HRS or 5.5HRS

All our experiences can be delivered virtually, creating a safe space for individuals to learn, reconnect and reenergise.



We can also offer a variety of bespoke well-being  and self-care workshops. Whether you're looking to equip your community with new tools or just provide a space to decompress - we can help.

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