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Introducing our winners for 2024...

This year's WCS | Awards are celebrating Queer Leaders across Spain - LGBTQ+ change-makers who are using their platforms, profile and roles to drive change, making the world a more inclusive place for all LGBTQ+ people. This might be by 'creating space' for others in their workplace, community or on a wider scale nationally or globally.

Cindy Nasenya


A series of panel discussions and talks exploring intersectionality. Designed to raise awareness and educate through storytelling and evidence-based content, these sessions offered insights into the different intersections of discrimination, how their compounding effects impact our individual experiences and the ways that allies can positively impact workplace environments.

About WCS

We’re a global community-led platform, consultancy and collective on a mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people and other under-represented groups of professionals around the world by connecting our communities and allies with tools, knowledge and a support network for personal growth, leadership development, allyship and self-care. We do that through shared experiences, content, research and consultative work. Read more about our impact within the community here.

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Does your organisation want to evidence its support for excellence and support developing leaders in the LGBTQIA+ Community? There are a wide range of WCS | Awards sponsorship opportunities available.

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