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Jani Toivola


Jani is a writer, actor and speaker. With a mother from Finland and a father from Kenya, Jani was born and raised in Helsinki Finland. He served as an MP from 2011 to 2019. He is the first black member of the Finnish Parliament and one of the few openly gay politicians in Finland. His biggest political success was passing the same-sex marriage act in 2016. Before becoming a politician Jani was known as an actor and tv-host. He has published two books in relation to identity and fatherhood, and is currently working on his third book. He is also the proud father of a 7-year old.

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Jani Toivola

"As a black gay man, I’m just now beginning to find my own roots and the space to exist as myself. That feeling of safety and freedom is what I want to offer to others. I think oftentimes one finds that by creating more space for others, one also ends up creating more space for oneself.” Jani Toivola

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