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It's important we celebrate the diverse voices, intersections, and experiences within our LGBTQ+ community all-year-round, not just in certain months. With a commitment to inclusivity, equality, and empowerment, we invite you to explore our curated collection of relevant resources, tools, and information for LGBTQ+ folks and allies, providing the essential support and knowledge needed for positive change - during Pride, and beyond.

Our free educational resources...

There's something for everyone, filling knowledge gaps and equipping you with real lived experiences and topical information. Our curated collection ensures a diverse range of resources to empower and educate in the format that suits you best.

Our Library

Illuminating articles and think-pieces.


Our Podcast

Voices from our Leadership Collective.


Our Archive

Educational videos, webinars and panels.

Our Lexicon

An intersectional glossary of terms.


Illuminating articles and think-pieces.

Whether you're seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of Queer leadership and wellbeing or looking to deepen your understanding of LGBTQ+ allyship and identity, our Library offers engaging and illuminating reads that cater to individuals at any stage of their DEI journey. See below for a selection of popular educational pieces.

Our Library

Intersectionality 101.

How this essential framework can be put into practice.

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Active Allyship 101.


We share 7 powerful steps we can all take to help others and provoke change.

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My Ally & Me.

LGBTQ+ leaders explain how the valued support of an ally has shaped their personal and professional journey.

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Our Podcast


Voices from our Leadership Collective.

These podcasts bring you conversations on a diverse range of topics from leading experts and thinkers. They offer a convenient way to stay informed and inspired, even when you're on the go. Tune in and let these profound conversations broaden your horizons, challenge your biases, and empower you to make intentional and meaningful impact in the world. See below for a selection of some of the podcast episodes.


LGBTQ+ Parenting

Episode 4.

We discuss navigating coming out and gender identity exploration later in life as a parent, as well as challenging heteronormative parenting styles and addressing gendered assumptions.

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Psychological Safety

Episode 8.


We discuss how to create cultures of safety where LGBTQ+ colleagues feel safe to speak up and explore ways to leverage intersectionality to foster an inclusive mindset.

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LGBTQ+ Anti-Racism

Episode 13.


We discuss how to take action against racism in the workplace and create moments of connection to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ colleagues from racialised backgrounds.

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Educational Videos, Webinars and Panels.

Our YouTube channel offers a platform for meaningful discussions and a source of inspiration for individuals seeking knowledge and understanding. Immerse yourself in our collection of archival video recordings where our global speaker collective share their expertise, personal stories, and thought-provoking ideas.

Our Archive
intergenerational wisdom.png

Intergenerational Wisdom.

Our panel discusses the role of LGBTQ+ elders must play in facilitating Queer Leadership for the next generation and transmit resources to younger talent

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Leadership Beyond the Binary.


Gain a better understanding of the needs of gender diverse communities and how to create sustainable pathways for equity and trans leadership.

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DEI Data & Intersectionality.

We discuss different forms of data and analytics used to explore gaps to DEI - exploring how to process it contextually and inform meaningful actions.

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An intersectional glossary of terms.

Empower your DEI competencies through our intersectional LGBTQ+ glossary of terms. Language holds immense power in shaping environments, and words serve as essential tools for fostering culture change and building inclusive workplaces. This comprehensive glossary is a valuable resource for individuals committed to creating a path to progress.

Our Glossary


An analytical framework for understanding compounded layers of discrimination and privilege.

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Letter P - Glossary.png

Psychological Safety.


The ability to share one’s thoughts and feelings without risk of damaging one’s reputation or standing.

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Letter C - Glossary.png

Calling In.

Addressing someone privately and making them aware that something they’ve said/done.

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Our bespoke Solutions and Services.

We're experts in facilitating important conversations and shared learning experiences; creating space for curiosity, connection and change. All our solutions and services are designed to work as bespoke stand-alone projects or as part of our Event Packages and Annual Memberships. Everything is curated, co-created through consultancy, and can be delivered virtually or in-person.

How to make LGBTQ+ initiatives a priority all year round.

Our bespoke membership models provide year-round support, guidance and strategy from our global team of experts - organised under one annual, holistic partnership.

Queer 365 Diversity and Inclusion Membership

“The real issue is not whether a company flies a rainbow flag, but rather how companies can uphold their commitment to respect, inclusion, and equity during this moment of extraordinary anti-LGBTQ+ hate and persecution.”


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