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Self-Care Workshops

LGBTQ+ Student Well-being


Our workshops provide LGBTQ+ networks with additional support, tools and resources for managing mental health and well-being. Below you'll find some examples of our tailored self-care programmes that we've delivered within organisations and universities. We're also happy to work on something completely new and bespoke.

Available in these formats:

1.5hrs | 3hrs | 5.5hrs

What's My Purpose?


What's My Purpose?

A workshop looking at purpose, potential and personal narrative.

This workshop supports individuals with re-calibrating their personal and professional ambitions, challenge any self-limiting beliefs and give participants the tools to discover how they could start to add more meaning into their own life.

Leaning Against the Wall

"A really enjoyable and thought-provoking workshop. I'd definitely recommend."

Portrait of Young Man


Give Me Strength.

A workshop for identifying your unique strengths.

A self-empowerment workshop introducing new processes for identifying and amplifying our unique strengths. By focusing on what we're naturally good at, we begin to see and nurture our own value. We stop reacting to the world around us, and instead find the confidence to create more opportunities for ‘moments of success’ in our own lives, but also drive forward positive change for our communities.

"This programme is essential to equip future leaders and shapers within our community."


Me, my body and i.

A workshop exploring our relationship to the body.

We support individuals with overcoming their personal struggles surrounding body-image and shame. Participants will be coached in practical techniques and exercises to help them to recognise and challenge toxic thoughts, feelings and behaviours; becoming more aware and compassionate towards others, and themselves.

Woman Posing in Studio

"A positive growing experience. So much covered in a short time. I would definitely recommend."

Man in Denim Shirt


Why Change?

A workshop exploring new tools and techniques for processing change.

In the wake of major life events, the mind and body need time to catch up - to process, adjust and integrate what has shifted. As humans, we need to make sense of what has happened. During this three-hour workshop, you will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help you uncover new information, process what comes up and to discover brand new perspectives. 

"Challenging, insightful and engaging."


Play Your Self.

A workshop exploring script-writing as a playful self-enquiry tool.

'Play Your Self' is a workshop using script writing as a powerful self-enquiry tool for exploring our different personas (inner voices). Once we become more aware of our protagonist's character traits we can begin to strengthen them to change our own personal narrative and drive forward our goals in life.


"A very insightful, creative and educational workshop."



Be The Change.

A workshop for setting new intentions but from the inside-out.

Participants are guided through a simple process of self-enquiry, as we discover how to start making important changes from the inside-out. They will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help bring their intentions to life, and we’ll be encouraging everyone to use your mind and body to discover brand new perspectives about themselves. 

"The team are fantastic. The content is fresh and relevant."


My Story, My Way.

A workshop exploring different creative methods of telling your personal story.

'My Story, My Way' is a self-empowerment workshop for those who enjoy getting playful. We'll be exploring some different creative methods of artistic expression as tools for self-care and story telling. Led by a team of coaches and mentors, you'll be guided through a simple self-enquiry processes as you start to define and shape your own personal narrative. 


"A very insightful, creative and educational workshop."

Man with Beanie


Being of Influence.

A workshop for those who want to have impact when putting their purpose into practice.

A self-empowerment workshop for those wanting to make more of an impact in their community, organisation or in the world. We introduce new processes and tools for putting your purpose into practice and remaining true to your values.

Why are these important?


We can’t create the inclusive culture and community that we all desire until we start having these conversations. Once we understand why we behave a certain way, we can use that knowledge as fuel to instigate positive change, becoming more powerful with the decisions we make, and the actions we take. We take an active role in shaping our own lives and lead the way forward for others.

About our mission


We create very intimate, compassionate and confidential spaces. We use a tried-and-tested sequence of interactive workshops to empower individuals with the necessary tools and practices for managing their own well-being. The workshops offer the unique opportunity to openly share and learn from each other’s' past experiences without judgement, building resilience together in the face of our collective adversity.



For any more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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