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Darren is a native Mancunian and is currently a director. producer, and choreographer. Darren has 23 years’ experience in fashion, theatre, TV and performing arts. He is the founder of Ghetto Fabulous, a QTIPOC dance collective that aims to excite, entertain, and have fun with the projects it embarks on, inspired by fashion, music, film, photography, and the ever-changing world. Darren is not afraid to explore the political and the personal. It let him to create Black Pride MCR, a yearly event for the QTBIPOC community that is fierce, flamboyant, and fabulous. Darren is also the Co-Artistic Director at Black Gold Arts, the UK’s only Queer People of Colour outside festival. One of the main objectives of Darren’s work is the economic advancement of the QTBIPOC community, and the other is to spread Joy.

Darren Pritchard

Darren Pritchard

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