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Kim is a transformative business and leadership coach, dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations with bold aspirations. With her guidance, her clients gain clarity on their purpose and values, enabling them to take authentic action in both their professional and personal lives. Kim works closely with her clients to help them showcase their true selves in their careers and empowers them to lead from a place that aligns with their values. Together, they break down external and internal barriers, resulting in more joy, momentum, and creative solutions that propel individuals and teams forward. Kim is deeply committed to building businesses, careers, and lives that uplift individuals and challenge patriarchal norms, both within and outside of corporate environments. Her expertise also extends to areas such as workplace allyship, intersectionality, mental health, well-being, body positivity, self-empowerment, culture change, community building, parenting, and sexual health.

Kim Wunner

Kim Wunner

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