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Yassine Senghor


Yassine is a DEI consultant, writer, facilitator, mentor, speaker, sensitivity coach, podcaster and occasional accidental model with expertise in LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, building community spaces and creating anti-racist workplaces. As a queer, black, African, immigrant gender non-conforming woman with a mixed bag of mental health challenges; her passion for equality, equity and inclusion stems from the core of her very existence. She believes that we all have power to create the change we want to see in the world, through self-reflection, accountability and action. 

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YASSINE SENGHOR - LGBTQ Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

"If you are going to stand out, you might as well stand all the way out! I had to redefine what womanhood meant to me on a personal level before I could finally live for myself, and not for everyone else.” Yassine Senghor

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