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Ajay Pabial


Ajay is the founder of his own not-for-profit Arts Organisation – Art Clubbers CIC. His incredible work there is dedicated to helping budding creatives achieve a sustainable career within their chosen industries. Ajay is also on a personal mission to shine the light on creative individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds and LGBTQ+ intersections. By giving these individuals visibility within the community, he hopes to one day provide aspirational role models for everyone within the creative sector.

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Ajay Pabial - Founder of Art Clubbers

"I’m a minority within a minority and sometimes it’s quite hard to talk about my experiences as I navigate through my own queerness, my faith and culture. But when you find a community of people have each faced or are facing similar life experiences; I find that empathy comes naturally, relate-ability becomes encouragement and creativity becomes ambition.” Ajay Pabial

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