Queer Leadership





Who are we?

We're a global collective of Queer Leaders on a mission to inspire change. We define a 'Queer Leader' or 'Change-Maker' as any LGBTQ+ person who has the opportunity to influence and impact another human-being, or simply wants to create positive change within their community or organisation. Our self-empowerment solutions are all delivered by a team of LGBTQ+ mentors, coaches and well-being professionals, committed to equipping our queer communities with new tools and practices for self-care, personal growth and leadership.

The vision.

To create a thriving queer community of leaders who inspire positive change in the world by prioritising self-care, personal growth and self-leadership.

Our mission.

To build a platform that serves to educate, support and inspire LGBTQ+ individuals to 'Create Space' in their own lives.

What is Creating Space?

'Creating Space' is our way of framing self-care and personal growth. 'Self-care' for us is paying close attention to our mind, body and emotions. Doing what we can to understand and protect what's important.

How do you Create Space?

That's where we come in. We're here to help. Our unique self-transformation and leadership workshops empower participants, who leave excited to continue on their own journey of discovery.


LGBTQ+ Well-being

At WE CREATE SPACE, we are committed to making self-care a priority in the life of every single queer person - equipping our communities with new tools and practices for managing their own mental health and wellbeing.

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Queer Leadership

Queer Leadership for us isn't just about representation, visibility or hierarchy - what's on the outside. It's about looking inside and practicing leadership at every level in a way that enables all of us to thrive - both personally and professionally.

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