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Our Mission.

Who Are We?

Why do we exist?

We bring people together, to learn about themselves and each other.

We’re a global community-led platform, consultancy and collective on a mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people and other under-represented groups of professionals around the world by connecting our communities and allies with tools, knowledge and a support network for personal growth, leadership development, allyship and self-care. We do that through shared experiences, content, research and consultative work.

Meet the Team

The Vision.

A world where individuals lead with love and influence positive social change and growth by 'Creating Space' in their own lives; consistently prioritising and practicing awareness, care, compassion, and respect - for themselves, and others.

Our Mission.

To build a platform and community that serves to activate social change, connection and transform the status-quo; to educate, support and inspire all individuals to engage in personal growth, healing, leadership development, active allyship and community wellbeing.

What is 'Creating Space'?

'Creating Space' is our way of framing self-care, learning and personal growth. It's about bringing more awareness to our mind, body, emotions and actions as leaders and change-makers. Doing what we can to better understand who we are and the power we have, as well as take responsibility for the influence and impact we can have in shaping the world around us.

How do we 'Create Space'?

That's where we come in. Our bespoke learning programmes, content and experiences empower and equip individuals, who leave excited to continue on their own journey of personal, professional and community development.


We're a registered CIC community-led social enterprise. This means that the profit made from the work we do with corporations goes back into our communities. The money goes towards providing free events, resources, well-being solutions and supporting to the wider global queer community.

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Wellbeing & Mental Health.

At WE CREATE SPACE, we are committed to making self-care a priority in the life of every leader and change-maker; equipping our communities with new tools and practices for managing their own mental health and wellbeing.

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Queer Leadership

Queer Leadership.

Queer Leadership for us isn't just about LGBTQ+ representation, visibility or hierarchy - what's on the outside. It's not even necessarily about being 'Queer'. For us, Queer Leadership is about challenging and transforming the way we approach leadership in general. It's about looking inside and practicing leadership at every level in a way that enables all of us to thrive - both personally and professionally.


Queer Leadership is a mindset of curiosity; it's embracing our unique strengths, prioritising authenticity, listening with compassion, influencing with integrity, transforming our state of awareness, challenging 'the norm' and opening ourselves up to new possibilities as leaders, as allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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