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Expert advice to guide your organisation's DEI journey.

Organise regular consultation sessions with our team of experts offering guidance and support with meeting short or long-term objectives and KPIs. 

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We can help you...


 Grow your ERG Network

 Developing a DEI Resource Hub

 Empower Allies across the Business

 Engage Executive Leadership

 Engage Regional Markets and Chapters

 Policy Review and Compliance with Legislation

 Marketing Campaign Strategy, Design and Review

 Attracting, Retaining and Developing Talent

Case Studies



A consultancy project to strengthen the messaging and impact of Garnier’s 2023 Pride campaign, through the creation of safeguarding strategies for queer talent and social media moderation techniques as well as delivering in-person sessions to the Garnier team on mindful communication and inclusive language.




A new piece of research exploring the experiences and perspectives of Black women in the UK in order to identify areas of inequality within the wellness industry to inform lululemon’s action plan to combat racial inequity. Our research team carried out interviews with 50 participants, exploring their perspectives on diversity within diversity, current perceptions around lululemon and the expectations on brands to affect social change.



As part of their annual membership package we work closely with JTI throughout the year to consult with leaders of their global PRIDE ERG on expansion goals, DEI best practices, supporting LGBTQ+ wellbeing within the organisation and the production of bespoke resources to meet their needs as a business.

Any other Questions?

Our consultancy services can be tailored to suit organisations of any scale, bringing nuanced and intersectional perspectives to the heart of your business strategy.

To book a free consultation, please email 💌.

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