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WCS x Garnier: Inclusive Pride Campaign and Advocacy Strategy.

Updated: Apr 2

We delve into our partnership with global beauty brand Garnier, and share some of the consultancy we gave on their UK Pride Campaign - from community up-skilling, education and awareness training to supporting with an inclusive campaign and advocacy strategy.

A gif showing the Garnier and We Create Space logos against a hot pink background, followed by a flash of images from the campaign, showing headshots of featured talent, a WCS panel at the Garnier office, the cover of a safeguarding guide and an article  on Garnier's website.


As part of their mission to celebrate ALL skin (inclusive of ALL races, genders, ages and sexual orientations) for their Micellar product re-launch during Pride Month, Garnier was looking for a partner to help educate, safeguard, and advocate for LGBTQ+ people and allies both internally and externally.

Core Challenges

Underneath the rainbows and glitter, Pride is an inherently political event. And politics is messy, confusing and difficult. With consideration for navigating a polarised world and avoiding ‘rainbow washing’, Garnier recognised a knowledge-gap and urgency to develop and implement inclusivity at every step of the campaign. New product launch connected to the LGBTQ+ community require a holistic approach to support stakeholders at all levels through two key components: Community Upskilling, Education and Awareness as well as Inclusive Campaign and Advocacy Strategy.

"It was the first time that we’ve spoken outwardly for the LGBTQIA+ community. Something we were really conscious of is that we didn’t want this to be a one off - flash in the pan campaign - that we know attract a lot of criticism for very good reasons. We wanted to join an existing conversation in a meaningful way." - Maddy Lewis (she/her), Senior Advocacy Brand Manager at Garnier

A photo from the Garnier Pride campaign, featuring a diverse group of LGBTQ+ people and allies of different ethnicities.


Community Upskilling, Education & Awareness

  • WCS consultancy on build up with core campaign team, and strategy for navigating internal setbacks

  • Wider inclusion training of Garnier team and cross functional partners

  • ‘LGBTQ+ Intersectional Allyship’ panel discussion for L'Oréal UKI

  • Inclusion and safeguarding workshop and recommendations for ambassadors

  • Upskilling Community and Comms teams (e.g. Cheat Sheet/Best Practices for Managing Campaign Feedback)

Inclusive Campaign & Advocacy Strategy

  • Critical guidance and grass-roots insights for selecting charity partnership

  • Expert talent curation and content development to spotlight diverse representation

  • PR and Communications review (e.g. press releases, campaign video edits)

  • Inclusive production guidelines and toolkit (e.g. pronoun badges on set)

  • Customer education resources (e.g. Allyship guide creation)


  • Highest ever engagement and campaign reach (to 60M people)

  • New process defined for inclusive community management and safeguarding for Garnier advocates

  • Authentic expression of values brought to new and existing audiences globally (more feedback affirming brand’s allyship)

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence and empowerment for teams to make inclusive decisions (new allies converted internally)

  • Learnings used to inform L’Oreal’s wider inclusive brand guidelines and communications

"Our purpose was to lead this campaign globally for Garnier, but we also wanted to activate it in right way, here in the UK, and lead by example. We Create Space helped us do that. It is one of the highest engagement we’ve had on a campaign to date and enabled us to reinvent a conversation on a well-established product." - Maddy Lewis (she/her), Senior Advocacy Brand Manager, at Garnier

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