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Leadership Programmes.


About the series

Training solutions to support DEI leaders and change-makers.

We create bespoke leadership development opportunities designed to catalyze or supplement in-house learning and development solutions. We empower DEI and LGBTQ+ professionals with critical skills and resources for self-advocacy, personal and professional growth.

Programmes are tailored for...

 Developing LGBTQ+ Leaders

 Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leads

 LGBTQ+ Advocates and Champions


What could be included?

Let us help you design a tailored series of self-empowerment sessions to support and inspire LGBTQ+ leaders in your organisation. The modules below will enable LGBTQ+ leaders to strengthen their ability to self-advocate and create sustainable change across your organisation.


Part 1. Shifting Systems, People and Mindsets.

Part 2. Having Courageous Conversations.

Part 3. Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Part 4. My Intersectionality, Power, and Privilege.

Part 5. Building Queer Resilience.

Part 6. Shaping My Purpose.

Who am i?


‘Who am I?’ is a workshop series supporting LGBTQ+ professionals with becoming more impactful and intuitive leaders. Each bespoke workshop takes a group of participants through a unique process of deeper self-enquiry; exploring identity and authenticity through a sequence of experiential workshops. With greater clarity of 'self', we become more intuitive with our decisions, and more intentional with how we show up to influence and support others.

Queer Leadership


We offer a range of bespoke leadership development workshops and webinars; each are interactive, evidence-based and tackle distinct issues faced by LGBTQ+ community. They have been specifically designed to supplement and support in-house services, strategies and teams, empowering individuals with new tools and techniques for personal growth, story-telling and self-care. 

Case Studies...



A bespoke trauma-informed workshop series for LGBTQ+ change-makers.

‘Who am I?’ is a bespoke trauma-informed programme for LGBTQ+ leaders and professionals at every level. Through a series of experiential and interactive workshops, carefully designed around tried and tested psychological, holistic, and experiential practices, we explored how our individual identities intersect at work and help uncover the masks that prevent us from achieving authentic professional and personal fulfilment




A one-day summit experience designed to empower ERG country leaders. 

A bespoke experience for ERG country leaders at Procter & Gamble. A full-day of workshops and panels exploring leadership through an intersectional lens to strengthen their understanding of relevant problematics affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and optimise their ability to influence and create sustainable change across the organisation. 



A two-part webinar series exploring Queer Leadership.

We took Herbert Smith Freehills LGBTQ+ leaders through a process of self-enquiry and discovery; supporting individuals with looking inwards and identify areas of growth potential. We explored story-telling as a tool for building courage; for challenging 'the norm’ and having more impact as a leader within their own communities and organisations.

Deloitte Webinar Pride Month
Queer Leadership 101 by We Create Space in collaboration with myGwork



A six-part monthly webinar series empowering global LGBTQ+ leaders.

A self-empowerment webinar series in partnership with myGwork exploring how our lived experiences can enhance our ability to lead differently. We discussed the innate power of Queer Leadership and the unique strengths and resilience we can tap into as change-makers within the LGBTQ+ community. We also unpacked key topics such as 'compassion', 'authenticity' and 'influence'.

Watch more free Queer Leadership 101 webinars on our YouTube channel

Any other Questions?

For any more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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