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Bespoke Resources
& Content.



Engaging content that uplifts, inspires and educates.

We create bespoke digital content and resources to further educate and support both our communities on the topics of inclusion, allyship and queer leadership - whether in written or video format. This content could also be shared across both brand’s social channels to amplify the reach.

Our bespoke content...

 Inspires rising LGBTQ+ Leaders in your Business

 Educates and Equips Allies

 Encourages Diverse Thinking

 Demonstrates Your Organisation's Commitment to DEI

 Gives Back to the LGBTQ+ Community

 Attracts Diverse New Talent to your Business

Case Studies



An educational video series exploring the complexities transgender and non-binary people face while navigating workplace environments, dissecting how transphobia manifests in professional environments and ways to best affirm transgender and non-binary colleagues.



A safe-guarding guide, delivered as part of our consultancy on Garnier's 2023 Pride campaign, covering best practices for managing public reactions and negative feedback while prioritising the safety and comfort of queer talent. The guide is accompanied by an article on Garnier's website aimed towards consumers, explaining the role of allies in supporting the advancement of marginalised communities with  practical tips for how to best practise allyship.



A report detailing the findings of the WCS x lululemon research project investigating inequalities in the wellness industry, through interviews and focus groups with Black women across the UK by our research team. Our findings informed the development of lululemon's new action plan to combat inequality.



Designed as a central resource to support queer allyship and DEI learning journeys, the Queer Allyship Lexicon is an evolving glossary of over 400 words to encourage increased understanding of topics surrounding identity, community, activism, mental health and DEI. Sponsored by JTI, the lexicon is a key learning resource for their PRIDE ERG.



A multi-lingual resource guide to pronouns and gender neutral speech, produced in several languages for distribution across Hubspot's global offices, with cultural awareness and competency for each region reflected in their respective translations.

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My Journey as a Trans Man.

Jack López and Tate Smith discuss transitioning, mental health and societal expectations of what it means to be a man.

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Our team explores how to facilitate intersectional conversations and strengthen collaboration amongst resource networks.

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Chloe MHAM

Thrive with Pride.

Six LGBTQ+ leaders share stories from their mental health journeys and explore practical self-care tools.

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Any other Questions?

If you're looking to develop resources for your business or organisation, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions designed to honour and elevate the diverse voices and perspectives of marginalised communities.


To book a free consultation, please email 💌.

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