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Thrive with Pride: Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace.

Updated: May 23, 2022

To recognise #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth we sat down with six LGBTQ+ Leaders from our Queer Collective to hear their personal stories, challenges and explore practical self-care tools to help Queer Leaders thrive in the workplace.

Using a story-teach-tool approach, we will explore LGBTQ+ mental health through an intersectional lens across a series of three informal recorded conversations with six Queer Leaders from our collective. Mixing storytelling, holistic practices, and therapeutic tools, we hope to not only raise awareness of the challenges, but kick start a reflective process around how we all approach mental health, wellbeing, and our needs, inside and outside the workplace. #ThriveWithPride

1. in-Conversation with Chloë Davies and David Kam.

Chloë Davies (she/her) and David Kam (he/him) discuss their experience of balancing mental, emotional and physical health, alongside their own intersecting identities and professional lives.

When queer leaders forget to take time for themselves, they block any capacity to fully empathise, and also to discern what is most in alignment with where they are. David Kam

“We achieve thriving in the workplace by creating spaces where people can be their full self, where they can show up, where they understand what it truly means to thrive.” Chloë Davies

2. in-Conversation with Scott Sallée and CK.

Scott Sallée (he/they) and CK (they/them) chat about mental health in the queer community and how this relates to showing up as their best selves in the workplace.

"What I want most for our community, is to move from that feeling of safety, more into that zone of thriving, where we glow, where we radiate, where we shine. Scott Sallée

“I don't feel that pausing and being with ourselves can be comfortable at all times, but I feel that when we do do that, we nourish ourselves and get to replenish ourselves.” CK

3. in-Conversation with Adi Sinha and Chris Grant.

Adi Sinha (he/him) and Chris Grant (they/them) talk about queer experiences of mental health diagnoses and navigating these in both a personal and professional environment.

"Mental health for me, started from a very rational point of view, as to what the diagnosis can bring through, but now it's more about just knowing my own self.” Adi Sinha

“For me it was really a process of moving from that belief of "mental health issues need to be something that are dealt with or fixed" to something that is just part of us.” Chris Grant

With special thanks to Mama Shelter London, for being our location partner for this film.

Other credits include:

Filming and edit: producedby.kiran

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