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Adi Sinha


By profession Adi is a Senior Director at a consumer research and marketing strategy consultancy. He currently resides in London, however has been born and raised in India. He's also a Mental Health Advocate and CPTSD survivor passionate about the intersection of spirituality, race/nationality, culture, gender, and sexuality. Adi writes poetry in Hindu/Urdu believing the connection to one’s language is key to staying rooted. Using them to express himself has had immense healing power on him. He has performed at UK black pride, at Middlesex Pride and also mentors POC students from his alma mater, LSE.

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Adi Sinha Senior Director Brand Strategist Queer Leader

"Adapting to life and culture in the UK as an immigrant was, and still is, relentless. And whilst it can be draining at times, I choose to be on this journey - and continue to learn I must." Adi Sinha

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