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We’re a global community-lead consultancy and content platform. As a registered non-profit social enterprise, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of under-represented groups around the world across different industries, cultures and societies.

Create Space Retreats


Awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
Inclusion of LGBTQ+ people
Development of LGBTQ+ talent



Support your employees
Educate your business
Inspire your leaders

Our global team of 250+ Queer Leaders is made up of trained DEI specialists, therapists, certified coaches, activists, LGBTQIA+ professionals and corporate change-makers. The rich diversity of backgrounds, stories and experiences in our collective aims to represent the plethora of identities across the queer spectrum.

Create Space Retreats

Our bespoke Solutions and Services.

We're experts in facilitating important conversations and shared learning experiences; creating space for curiosity, connection and change. All our solutions and services are designed to work as bespoke stand-alone projects or as part of our Queer-365 Membership Package. Everything is curated, co-created through consultancy, and can be delivered virtually or in-person.


Self-Care and Empowerment
Story-Telling and Listening
Queer Leadership and Allyship

Create Space Retreats

From £2000

Workshops and Webinars.

Our bespoke learning and development workshops and webinars give participants a fresh perspective and some new tools for growth and introspection. The sessions are interactive, evidence-based and grounded in great ideas that make a tangible difference. Each can be tailored to a specific audience, and most can be made inclusive of allies.


From £2000

Live panels and Discussions.

For those wanting a more informal approach to educating, we'd suggest creating an open dialogue with our global collective of change-makersWe design, facilitate and host panel discussions and talks exploring topics such as gender, identity, purpose, mental-health and intersectionality through the stories and unique lived experiences of our professional guest speakers.


From £550pp

Leadership Programmes and Retreats.

Our Queer Leadership Programmes take participants on a deeper process of self-exploration and discovery. We support individuals at every level with identifying their full potential and strengthening their roles as change-agents and allies within their own organisation or community.

Green Patio

From £300/hr

Training and Consultancy.

Our team are here to support community leaders with creating sustained and long-lasting change within their networks and organisations. Our coaching and consultancy sessions can be delivered as part of our Queer-365 Membership plan or as stand-alone services.



Who do we work with?

Our clients are based all over the world, work in a multitude of different sectors and find themselves at varying points on their leadership journey. We're fortunate to have already worked with and supported inspiring leaders and change-makers from these highly regarded companies:

Create Space Retreats


What do our clients say?

We've provide bespoke coaching and training to a growing community of 5000+ LGBTQ+ change-makers across the globe.

Mattew Shaw,

Editor at BBC News

"The most amazing thing about the retreat - was realising how much I needed it."

Charlie Palmer,
Managing Editor at Ch4

"Brilliantly curated and facilitated, with a strong sense of community."

Laura Devaney,
Johnson & Johnson

"The programme inspired me in so many ways."

Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt,

Consultant at NHS

"Despite being at home, I was transported around the world and inside my own body."

Ben Firth,

Associate Director at EY

"With the amazing mindfulness and breathwork techniques, I felt a huge sense of calm post-workshop."

Liam Rezende,
Senior Comms at Hyatt

"The weekend was the catalyst to better understanding, exploring and improving my mental health."


Our trusted team.

All our programmes and experiences are facilitated by a global collective of 250+ LGBTQIA+ coaches, mentors and wellbeing professionals. We operate across 8+ continents, time-zones and a variety of languages.

Virtual Experiences.

Our virtual retreats and workshops provide an intentional space for individuals to focus on self-care and personal development. Despite taking place virtually, our inclusive online programmes are carefully designed to help individuals feel connected and engaged.

Create Space Retreats

Physical Experiences.


Retreats offer the opportunity to fully disconnect from our devices, connect more with nature, and tune in to what we really need.


Are you a wanting to organise a wellness experience for your LGBTQ+ employees? Take a look at the bespoke packages we offer. Find out more


Planning a wellness event for your LGBTQ+ customers or clients? We can remove the stress by organising it for you. Find out more

Any other questions?

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WE CREATE SPACE is a non-profit social enterprise and community organisation (registered CIC) on a mission to make self-care a priority in the life of every single queer person. Our team of coaches, mentors, well-being and mental health professionals provide bespoke guidance and support to the LGBTQ+ communities.