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PRIDE 2024

Do you have Pride 2024 plans yet? Pride Season presents a significant moment to celebrate the diverse voices, intersections, and experiences within our LGBTQ+ community, and our variety of corporate solutions can help you do just that! We'd love to support by hosting an educational workshop, facilitating a meaningful conversation or even providing a guest speaker. Pride isn't just about visibility, Pride is about providing all of us with the opportunity to be leaders and allies - in the workplace, and beyond.

Here are some ideas...

Most of our solutions can be made accessible to both LGBTQ+ employees and allies. We can also deliver both in-person or online.

Beyond Pride...

Have you considered our Events Packages or Annual Memberships as part of your long-term strategy? Based on your budget and objectives, we craft a suitable calendar of activity and fully-bespoke package of tried and tested DEI solutions and services across a broad range of topics and themes; everything tailored to the unique and diverse needs of each company or organisation.


Host a Workshop or Webinar.

Our workshops and webinars are interactive, evidence-based and tackle distinct issues faced by LGBTQ+ community. They have been specifically designed to supplement and support in-house services, strategies and teams, empowering individuals with new tools and techniques for personal growth, leadership and allyship.

Man in Denim

Becoming an LGBTQ+ Ally.



An informative session exploring how to facilitate a more inclusive and open work environment for employees who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Me & My Intersectionality.



This session explores the origins of 'intersectionality', and how we can now all use this concept to understand our own power and privilege.

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Gender Identity 101.



An educational session exploring identities sitting under the TQ+ umbrella, unpacking gender and offering a guide to discussing it within the workplace.

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Host a Talk or Panel Discussion.

Story-telling is such a powerful tool for education. Thanks to our global team of experts and our collective of 250+ international LGBTQ+ speakers, we bring diversity of thought and intersectional story-telling to the forefront - with a particular focus on Workplace Inclusion, Talent Attraction, Allyship and Leadership Development. Talks and Panels can be hosted by online and in-person.

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Trans in the Workplace.



An session unpacking gender non-conforming identities; offering a guide to discussing it within the workplace and tips for becoming a better Trans Ally.

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LGBTQ+ Mental Health.



Understand the unique mental health challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces, and how allies can better support the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ colleagues.

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Intra-Community Allyship.



Discuss how to become better allies to the most marginalised folks within the community, and those whose intersecting identities create more barriers.

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Leadership Programmes.

We offer an exciting mix of workshops and webinars to support the holistic development, growth and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ leaders and change-makers. All our Leadership Programmes have been specifically designed to supplement and support in-house services, strategies and teams.

Giving a Presentation

My Intersectionality, Power & Privilege.


Participants will examine the different aspects of their identity through the lens of intersectionality and learn how utilise privilege they hold to further inclusion efforts at work.

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Having Courageous Conversations.


Participants learn about the power of vulnerability, how to grow their active listening skills, challenging others in a compassionate way and facilitating meaningful moments of learning.

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Shaping My Purpose as a Queer Leader.


Participants will learn how to define their own sense of purpose, leverage their story and lived experience and explore practical tools to help them live and move with their values.

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Allyship Programmes


Allyship Programmes.

All our Allyship Programmes are bespoke, interactive, and explore allyship through an intersectional lens. They are a great way to empower individuals with new knowledge and tools for creating more inclusive cultures and to strengthen their understanding of relevant problematics affecting the LGBTQ+ community - optimising their ability to influence and create sustainable change across the organisation. All delivered by our collective of LGBTQ+ speakers.


Practising Intersectional Allyship.

60-90 mins

Learn how to better support marginalised identities with practical tools and hands on learning opportunities.

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LGBTQ+ Allyship in

the Workplace.

60-90 mins


We explore what 'active allyship' means and techniques we can all employ to help others and provoke change.

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Becoming a Better

LGBTQ+ Ally.

60-90 mins

LGBTQ+ leaders explain how the valued support of an ally has shaped their personal and professional journey.

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Content & Resources.

Our bespoke digital content and resources are designed to educate and support both your organisation on the topics of inclusion, allyship and queer leadership - whether in written or video format. This content can also be shared across both brand’s social channels to amplify the reach.


My Ally & Me.


Our article series exploring the power of allyship through the real world success stories of allied co-workers.

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Pronoun Resource Guides.


A pre-built educational resource on inclusive language available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese

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Queer Journeys.

A video series following the migration journeys of Queer professionals and the unexpected journeys we follow in search of community.

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Interactive Online Courses.

Hosted on our online learning platform WCS | Campus, our Campus Courses are designed to encourage learning and knowledge building about issues relating to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion through an intersectional LGBTQ+ lens. 

Still not sure what you need?

Check out these round ups of our top sessions for different identity groups.

Want to know more?

“Being inclusive means to appreciate differences and enjoy the diverse viewpoints.”


How to make LGBTQ+ initiatives a priority all year round.

Our bespoke membership models provide year-round support, guidance and strategy from our global team of experts - organised under one annual, holistic partnership.

Queer 365 Diversity and Inclusion Membership
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