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WCS | Courses

E-learning through an intersectional lens.

WCS | Courses are a collection of self-navigated online training programmes designed to encourage learning and knowledge building around issues relating to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Allyship and Leadership. We combine informational knowledge sharing, research, resources and real-life experiences.

Michael Stephens, Founder of We Create Space, introduces WCS | Courses.

Allyship Programmes

Our Courses...



LGBTQIA+ Inclusion.

An e-learning course for those wanting to deepen their understanding of LGBTQ+ identities with the goal of creating more inclusive workplaces, communities and societies. This course will benefit those who already have some knowledge or understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, but who wish to further their allyship journey.

Module 1:  DEI Core Concepts.

Module 2:  LGBTQIA+ Identities.

Module 3:  Intersectional Experiences.

Module 4:  Queer Allyship.

Our Platform.

All of our courses are delivered via WCS | Campus, our online community learning platform and social hub. 

Any other Questions?

If you're looking to develop resources for your business or organisation, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions designed to honour and elevate the diverse voices and perspectives of marginalised communities.


To book a free consultation, please email 💌.

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