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Who do we work with?

We provide bespoke training and consultancy to a growing global network of 100+ businesses and their ERGs. Our clients are based all over the world, work in a multitude of different sectors and find themselves at varying points on their DEI journey. We've already worked with these companies:

Our Clients

Yasin Efe

"With We Create Space, you stand to gain so much as a business. I often highlight the diversity of perspectives the team brings through on various topics."

Lloyd Scott Tyler

"One of the benefits of working with We Create Space is the tailored aspect – the team is able to make the sessions fit our specific needs as a client."

Rene Staebe

"We Create Space is unique in what it offers. There is a clear remit and clarity in the way we partner."


What do our clients say?

Testimonials and Reviews

What do participants say?

We've provided bespoke coaching and training to a growing network of 100,000+ leaders, change-makers and allies across the globe.


How do we work with clients?

We're experts in facilitating important conversations and shared learning experiences; creating space for curiosity, connection and change. All our solutions are designed to work as stand-alone services, as part of our Event Packages or Annual Membership. Everything is bespoke, co-created through consultancy, and can be delivered virtually or in-person. Here are some recent projects and case studies...



Year-round support, guidance and strategy organised under one annual, holistic partnership.

LGBT Workshop for Facebook about Authenticity
LGBT Workshop by We Create Space for Facebook



A series of online self-empowerment sessions and wellbeing workshops.

Over six months we delivered seven self-empowerment sessions for Facebook, some part of their annual Pride Development Summit. We got to share our thoughts on Story Telling, Building Courage, the importance of Understanding our Identity, as well as tools for Managing Mental Health and Connecting With Our Bodies.



A bespoke trauma-informed workshop series for LGBTQ+ change-makers.

‘Who am I?’ is a bespoke trauma-informed programme for LGBTQ+ leaders and professionals at every level. Through a series of experiential and interactive workshops, carefully designed around tried and tested psychological, holistic, and experiential practices, we explored how our individual identities intersect at work and help uncover the masks that prevent us from achieving authentic professional and personal fulfilment




'Queering the Future of Tech' community event in Barcelona.

We invited members of our Barcelona Queer Community working in Tech to join us for a live Panel and Networking Event in partnership with Ocado Technology where we explored the intersections of Tech, LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Queer Community Development.


Soho House

A monthly live panel discussion with inspiring queer leaders.

We curated and facilitated space for queer voices to share fresh perspectives; empowering the wider community through conversation and story-telling. Each event brings together a different group of Queer Leaders at Soho House. Topics ranged from 'The Power of Protest' to 'The Future of Queer Spaces'.

Soho House Queer Perspectives Panel Discussion
Soho House Queer Perspectives Panel Discussion



A one-day experience designed to empower ERG country leaders. 

A bespoke experience for ERG country leaders at Procter & Gamble. A full-day of workshops and panels exploring leadership through an intersection lens to strengthen their understanding of relevant problematics affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and optimise their ability to influence and create sustainable change across the organisation. 



A live conversation on the topic of Pride and Queer Community.

A live event at the MiQ offices in London with guest speaker and WCS Advisory Board Member, Chloë Davies, who spoke openly and honestly about 'The Importance of Community and Queer Spaces'; empowering the wider business through conversation and story-telling.   




A series of educational videos to inform around the topic of gender identity.

A series of educational videos for internal use at JTI unpacking Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Pronouns. We explored different trans and non binary identities through the stories, voices and lived experiences of five queer leaders. Each provided tips and tools for navigating gender in the workplace and how to create safe and inclusive spaces for everyone.



A Retreat for Queer Leaders and LGBTQ+ Change-makers.

lululemon partnered with us on a Queer Leadership Retreat to give LGBTQ+ community leaders and activists a chance to reflect, reconnect and reset after Pride season. Each person took away practical, sustainable and holistic self-leadership tools for them to become even more impactful.

Deloitte Webinar Pride Month
Deloitte Webinar Pride Month



A two-part webinar series exploring Queer Leadership and Allyship.

We took Deloitte employees through a process of self-enquiry and discovery; supporting individuals with looking inwards and identify areas of growth potential. We explored story-telling as a tool for building courage; for challenging 'the norm’ and having more impact as a leader within their own communities and organisations.


Dr. Martens

A workshop and panel series exploring gender, story-telling and Queer Joy.

A series of five virtual events across six months for Dr. Martens featuring 16 inspiring queer leaders each on a mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people within their communities. We explored the power of creativity as a powerful forms of activism, and guided participants through some simple story-telling processes to reflect on their own personal narrative.

Dr Martens My Story My Way


Liberty London

An interview series exploring Queer Liberation, Intersectionality and Reclaiming Womanhood.

To recognise 'International Womens Day' we sat down with six LGBTQ+ Leaders of Colour from our Queer Collective at Liberty London to hear their personal stories of how they're embracing and reclaiming Intersectional Womanhood in their own lives.


Just Like Us

A series of live conversations about growing up LGBT+ and a person of colour.

A series of interactive conversations in collaboration with UK LGBT Youth charity, Just Like Us. We partnered our team members with their ambassadors to explore the experiences of growing up LGBT+ and a person of colour in the UK. Through these live events we hoped to reach and recruit more young ambassadors. 

Just Like Us x We Create Space instagram Live
Just Like Us conversation about being QTIPOC
Just Like Us collaboration - Growing up LGBT
White and Case x We Create Space - Intersectionality Panel Discussion with guest speakers
White and Case Intersectionality webinar with Suresh Ramdas and Tash Thomas


White & Case

A live panel discussion exploring different LGBTQ+ intersectional identities.

A live panel discussion for law firm White & Case. Four Queer Leaders shared their own inspiring stories and unique lived experience through the lens of their intersecting identities. Participants gained some insight and perspective as well as some practical advice around creating more inclusive cultures in the workplace.


Art Clubbers

A design competition highlighting important conversations around LGBTQ+ wellbeing and mental health.

'Make Your Mark!' was a design competition in partnership with Art Clubbers to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride. We worked with LGBTQ+ judges such as Henry Holland and Ben Pechey to attract queer creative talent from around the world to help design a colourful range of branded merchandise. The winning design was printed and sold to raise money as well as for an influencer campaign.

Make Your Mark Campaign around LGBT mental health
Ki Griffin wearing the We Create Space - Make Your Mark t-shirt
Make Your Mark LGBT Judges - including Henry Holland, Rani Patel, Ben Pechey and Ashley Joiner
Nokia live conversation during Pride Month in partnership with We Create Space



A series of meaningful conversations highlighting LGBTQ+ intersecting identities.

A four-part series of live conversations for Nokia with different LGBTQ+ inclusion specialists. As well as highlighting some of the challenges  faced being part of multiple marginalised groups, we also focused on the power, strength and resilience that emerged as a result of these experiences. These powerful stories encourage more compassion with all employees (including allies), and provided some inclusive hiring practices, tips and tools for those working in HR and Recruitment.



A six-part monthly webinar series empowering global LGBTQ+ leaders.

A self-empowerment webinar series in partnership with myGwork exploring how our lived experiences can enhance our ability to lead differently. We discussed the innate power of Queer Leadership and the unique strengths and resilience we can tap into as change-makers within the LGBTQ+ community. We also unpacked key topics such as 'compassion', 'authenticity' and 'influence'.

Queer Leadership 101 by We Create Space in collaboration with myGwork
Why are these important?

Why do we exist?

We can’t create the inclusive culture and community that we all desire until we start having these conversations. Once we understand why we behave a certain way, we can use that knowledge as fuel to instigate positive change, becoming more powerful with the decisions we make, and the actions we take. We take an active role in shaping our own lives and lead the way forward for others.

About our mission

Our Approach.

We create very intimate, compassionate and confidential spaces. We use a tried-and-tested sequence of interactive coaching techniques to empower individuals with the necessary tools and practices for managing their own well-being. Our sessions offer the unique opportunity to openly share and learn from each other’s' past experiences without judgement, building resilience together in the face of our collective adversity.

Any other Questions?

For any more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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