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Performativity is the concept that language can function as a form of social action and have the effect of change.

Performative Allyship:
Performative allyship refers to actions performed under the guise of allyship to a marginalised group but which aren’t actually helpful. Often performative allyship is about creating the impression that someone is engaged or contributing to activism, without actually committing to the cause or putting in meaningful work.

Considering the effects of Performative Allyship is especially prudent during the time around Pride season. You’re likely to see an uptick in conversations about “rainbow washing”, a term to describe the trend of corporations donning rainbow colours and sharing statements offering surface level support for the Queer Community. This is performative allyship that does little of substance for our community and it does not deserve praise!

“Being an ally is not voluntary work. If you are a real ally or motivated to be one, the drive is intrinsic.” - Allan Kartodikromo

See: Activist and Changemaker.

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