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Natasha Porizkova


Natasha Porizkova is a queer, Latinx woman with hidden mental health disabilities and a love for humans. She is based out of Boston, MA. By profession, she is in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion with an emphasis on disrupting systems that do not serve underserved communities. With a background in marketing and content creation, she shifted from one industry to the other with a mission to bring the two together; maximising impact and change. When she isn't working, Natasha loves to spend time dancing, gardening, traveling and with her fiancé or dog Kody. 

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Natasha Porizkova - diversity consultant

"Through the most challenging moments of my life, my confidence has always empowered me to get up and believe in my continued evolution. By sharing my story, I hope and aim to empower others with confidence in themselves.” Natasha Porizkova

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