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Ed is a change and transformation leader by trade, with a background in both the public and private sectors. In 2019 Ed set up Inclusion Crowd, a diversity, equity, and inclusion agency, as he was frustrated with the rate-of-change when it comes to minoritised and under-represented groups within organisations. Ed believes passionately that organisations should reflect the societies they serve, and it's taking too long for us to get there. Ed has also founded an international Think Tank, to share best practice and collectively solve the problem of inclusion. Growing up a gay catholic in Belfast during the height of the troubles, has given Ed a unique insight into themes of identity, sectarianism, discrimination, conflict resolution and geopolitics, which he uses in his work every day. Ed married his husband in 2020 and they have recently adopted their son Ashton. Ed talks publicly about being an LGBT+ parent, the nuances and complexities of adoption, post adoption depression, 'othering' and the impact of internalised homophobia.

Ed Jervis

Ed Jervis

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