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Elliot is a non-binary transgender man, a sports physical therapist, and a professionally trained circus artist. In 2018, Elliot immigrated to Barcelona from Israel in pursuit of freedom from the Middle East. His activism includes running a donation-based training group called Drama y Biceps exclusively for transgender and non-binary individuals, providing accessible physical therapy services to trans individuals, co-authoring the first academic study on the rehabilitation of masculinizing top surgery, and giving talks about trans issues such as non-binary biology, trans experiences in the workplace, and personal lived experiences. In addition, Elliot is passionate about promoting intersectionality and educating people on the importance of creating safe spaces for marginalized communities. He is also interested in the history of LGBTQ+ rights movements and combating discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in healthcare settings. Additionally, Elliot advocates for the importance of physical activity and its benefits for mental health, and discusses the unique challenges faced by trans individuals in accessing appropriate healthcare.

Elliot Theodor

Elliot Theodor

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