Erica is a Registered Nurse and a public and global health expert. Professionally, Erica works as a Nurse Consultant in Nursing & Health Policy for an international organisation & focuses on gender equality, climate change, health workforce & youth. She also works at Canada’s first and only HIV hospital, providing care to people living with and at risk of HIV, that meets them where they are in their individual journeys of physical and mental health and wellness. Erica is passionate about empowering people and communities. Erica likes to listen to and learn from others and is fascinated by the complexities & diversity of the human experience. Growing up in a queer household and as a queer woman herself, Erica’s personal mission is to advocate for and promote LGBTQIA2+ visibility & inclusivity in both her personal and professional life. SHAKE THINGS UP!

Erica Burton

Erica Burton

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