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Jaz is a mixed-Pakistani, non-binary, bisexual mental health expert, public speaker, and journalist. They're particularly focused on how intersecting areas of inequality can impact people's access to mental well-being and how queerness collides with South Asian culture. Currently, Jaz is a lecturer in Gender & Sexuality as well as Diversity in Creative Industries at Bimm University in Birmingham, and they hold the position of Editor-In-Chief for a local creative media outlet called Birmingham Review. Jaz creates and facilitates tailored mental health talks and workshops, which are informed by their practical and personal experience of mental health and mental illness, as well as their MSc which covered the philosophy of mental health and cognitive neuroscience. They are passionate about advocating for anti-racism and intersectionality and have extensive knowledge of LGBTQ+ history and discrimination. Jaz also advocates for sexual health and self-empowerment and believes in promoting mental well-being in all aspects of life.

Jasmine Khan

Jasmine Khan

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