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Jen, a genderfluid and pansexual individual from Germany, was born into a working-class family and managed to complete a master’s degree from university. Despite being straight-passing and white, they have faced mental health issues such as depression. Jen is a DEI speaker focusing on LGBTQIA+ topics and tackling intersectional correlations. They speak from both places, being part of a marginalized group as well as knowing and using their privileges as an ally. In addition, Jen is an expert in inclusive leadership and co-chairs the LGBTQIA+ inclusion employee resource group of an international company with about 50,000 employees. Their passion and main objectives are bringing people together, creating a better world for marginalized communities, and building allyship. Jen's expertise extends to language and terminology surrounding marginalized communities and their identities. They are also a strong advocate for addiction recovery and self-empowerment. Through community building and culture change, Jen hopes to create a more inclusive and accepting workplace for all individuals. Additionally, Jen has been honored as a Prout Performer by the Prout at Work Foundation in 2022, highlighting their dedication and impact in the field of DEI.

Jennifer Polzin

Jennifer Polzin

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