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Born and raised in New Zealand, Jono Selvadurai is a highly accomplished professional contemporary dancer who has graced the stage with numerous leading dance companies in his home country. In search of new challenges and opportunities, he moved to New York and later to London to further his artistic career. In London, Jono found a new passion in the fitness industry and dedicated himself to becoming a qualified Personal Trainer. Today, he is a Master Trainer at 1Rebel, a prestigious fitness establishment in the city. His commitment to excellence and his outstanding coaching skills earned him the coveted title of London’s Trainer of the Year in 2018, as voted by ClassPass users. As a Movember ambassador, Jono is deeply committed to promoting mental health awareness and encouraging conversations about well-being. He is equally passionate about self-empowerment and believes that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams with the right mindset and tools. When speaking on these topics, Jono draws from his personal and professional experiences to offer practical advice and insights that can help individuals lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Jono Selvadurai

Jono Selvadurai

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