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Kanndiss is a leader, entrepreneur, and disability rights advocate. As the Founder of NBE FITNESS CIC, ze is dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life for people living with chronic illness and disabilities. Kanndiss has developed a unique hybrid platform that brings people together for social activities, reducing isolation and preventing preventable health conditions. In addition, ze is a Data Manager and System Operation lead for organizations across the UK, where ze develops systems to improve their accessibility and retention of internal and external clients. Ze is also an expert in the procurement of software and hardware and ensures that systems are kept regulated. Kanndiss is a strong voice for intersectionality and advocates for anti-racism, neurodiversity, body positivity, and culture change. Kanndiss is also an experienced speaker on topics related to mental health, disability, and well-being, sharing zir knowledge and experience to inspire and empower others.

Kanndiss Riley

Kanndiss Riley

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