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As a father of twins and a seasoned global leader, Luca possesses a proven track record of managing complex programs and stakeholders with diplomatic finesse. He has a data-driven approach to team management, and his inspirational leadership style empowers teams to achieve their goals. Currently, as the Global LGBTQ+ Program Lead at ABB, Luca partners with the Head of DEI to drive the organization's journey towards LGBTQ+ inclusion. Luca's journey involves raising awareness, reviewing policies, and building a sustainable framework. He also implements reverse mentoring programs and LGBTQ+ leadership enhancement education pathways. Luca has successfully established and scaled up employee resource groups (ERGs) to 900 members in a year, covering regions such as the US, Latin America, Europe, and Poland. In the first company pride, Luca mobilized 2.5K people internally, followed by 3.5K in the second year. With his extensive experience in setting up global programs, Luca is a change agent in shifting company culture. Luca can also speak on topics such as recruitment, workplace allyship, self-empowerment, community building, and parenting.

Luca Condosta

Luca Condosta

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