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Yasir Mirza


Yasir is an experienced inclusion and diversity leader within media, and has worked with a wide range of organisations around the world. He is currently Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the Financial Times, previously Heads of Diversity & Inclusion at both BBC Studios and Channel 4, and also Head of Diversity at the Guardian from 2009-2015. Yasir is also a journalist, actor, coach, and activist, having spoken/lectured at conferences for the UN, Ford Foundation, University of Westminster, Journalism.co.uk, World Forum for Democracy, Activate India and South Africa, and the Council of Europe.

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Yasir Mirza - inclusion and diversity leader

"We have an obligation to our people, our audiences, and our customers to break down the barriers for talented people of every background to join and progress in our industries. It is through successful inclusion that we will tell more authentic stories." Yasir Mirza

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