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Recognising Queer Leaders serving their community.

This year's WCS | Awards will celebrate Queer Leaders across Spain - LGBTQ+ change-makers who are using their platforms, profile and roles to drive change, making the world a more inclusive place for all LGBTQ+ people. This might be 'creating space' for others in their workplace, community or on a wider scale nationally or globally.

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June, Barcelona

An evening of celebration, recognising Queer Leaders creating space for others and serving their community. Join our community platform WCS | Campus or sign up to our Community Newsletter to find out when we release tickets.

About WCS

We’re a global community-led platform, consultancy and collective on a mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people and other under-represented groups of professionals around the world by connecting our communities and allies with tools, knowledge and a support network for personal growth, leadership development, allyship and self-care. We do that through shared experiences, content, research and consultative work. Read more about our impact within the community here.

Event Partners
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How do I enter?

Queer Leaders are invited to nominate themselves or they may be nominated by someone else. This will be conducted via Typeform. They will be asked to identify/ demonstrate the following information relating to the nominee: 1. The nature of the work they do in relation to their nomination eg. professional / community (bearing in mind, it might span both). 2. A specific element of their work the nomination related to eg. campaign, community group, project, policy, event etc. 3. The impact this has had (providing qualitative and quantitative results along with testimonials). 4. How this demonstrates the WCS mission to ‘Learn, Connect & Grow’. 5. Why this is important to them and what they are most proud of. 6. What makes them a Queer Leader. 7. Provide headshot & action shot to be used for content pre- and post- event.

What information should I include?

Each nomination should cover the following 5 areas. 1. Sufficient information, evidence and testimonials to showcase the nature/ objective and purpose of the person's work. 2. Both qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate the impact of their project. 3. A clear alignment with WCS’ core mission to ‘Learn, Connect and Grow’. 4. The importance of their work and how it has made them proud. 5. An understanding of what it means to be a queer leader.

What language should nominations be written in?

Nominations can be submitted in either English or Spanish.

Can I nominate more than one person?

You may nominate more than one person but please ensure each nomination is of high quality and includes all of the requested information.

Do nominees need to be Spanish?

Nominees do not need to be Spanish but must at least partially reside in Spain and/or their work as a Queer Leader must directly impact the region of Spain.

How will nominations be assessed?

We’ll be looking for the following in each nomination… - Level of detail with information, evidence and testimonials. - Qualitative and quantitative evidence to demonstrate impact. - Objective, purpose and impact clearly defined. - Understanding of what it means to be a Queer Leader. - Alignment with WCS goals.

What does WCS mean by 'Queer Leader'?

See above link to the term 'Queer Leadership' in our Glossary.

When will I find out if I was successful?

The nominations will be reviewed and both successful and unsuccessful entries should be told at least 1 month before the gala. Unsuccessful entries should be provided feedback and the WCS team may reach out if further information is required. The WCS team may invite a small selection of those shortlisted to speak on the evening through everyone will be invited as guests.

When will nominations open and close?

We are currently working to the below timeline however things may change. 29 April - Open nominations 10 May - Event registration goes live 17 May - Close nominations 20 May - Review of nominations 24 May - Nominees notified including those invited to speak during event

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Interested in sponsoring this event?

Does your organisation want to evidence its support for excellence and support developing leaders in the LGBTQIA+ Community? There are a wide range of WCS | Awards sponsorship opportunities available.

Any other Questions?

For any more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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