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Dr Sunni Patel


Sunni is the founder of Dish Dash Deets – a company and platform focused on health coaching, education, and food with a mission to support everyone's holistic wellbeing journey. He has held several senior corporate roles in global corporations and led E,D&I and Wellness initiatives across organisations. He holds a PhD and is currently a gut health influencer, Level 3 certified PT and Fitness Instructor as well as a culinary medicine coach. He has a weekly health segment on BBC Radio Stoke and has been featured by the BBC, ITV and other leading press outlets.

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Dr Sunni Patel - Dish Dash Deets

"As a queer person of colour living with a chronic illness, there are aspects of mainstream health and wellness that aren't always relatable. My own food and health tips not only provide an outlet for me, but I try to use my voice to inspire and educate others." Dr Sunni Patel

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