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We all operate in a highly competitive, global environment; making creativity crucial. Creativity isn't just artistic talent, but the ability to problem solve, spot patterns, imagine, generate big ideas and think outside the box. Creative thinking and intuition based decision making are powerful differentiators in business and in life. Creativity is innate to humanity, and is an important part of our humanity. We are creative when conditions in our minds are just right. When we have access to our intellect, knowledge, and experience, our brains can light up with new idea. Simply put, we need to be in the right emotional state in order to be creative — brain functioning affects creativity and how we feel affects brain functioning. But unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in today’s chronic stress-inducing society. If you want to tap into your innate creative abilities, you need to interrupt the cycle of negative thoughts and emotions. Start by creating more space for yourself and prioritising your wellbeing. Mindful creative activities can also be an invaluable outlet when we are seeking release from internalised and external stresses.

See: Mindfulness & Stress.

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