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Queer Temporality

Queer Temporality (also known as 'Queer Time Theory') refers to the school of thought which determines Queer lives are not 'chrononormative.' This means the lives of Queer people do not develop in the same way that non-Queer lives do, as milestones in life as perceived by heteronormative society don't necessarily apply to us - i.e. getting married or having children. Queer Temporality is additionally relevant to transgender people accessing medical transition, as Hormone Replacement Therapy can induce a second puberty at any stage of life. Therefore, our perception of success as LGBTQIA+ people can be warped, or more difficult to understand. As a result, thought leaders in Queer Temporality call for "reconsideration of how marriage, children, generativity, and inheritance define and confine cultural expectations of maturation, responsibility, happiness, and future."

(See: Success)

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