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LGBTQ+ Inclusion


Our LGBTQ+ Inclusion online course is designed to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities, experiences and allyship.

Allyship Programmes

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DEI Core Concepts.

In this section, we cover core concepts relating to inclusion and determining LGBTQIA+ identities, creating a solid foundation that you can build on.

Lesson 1:  The Importance of Language.

Lesson 2:  Community Through Belonging.

Lesson 3:  The Power of Inclusion.

Lesson 4:  LGBTQ+ Initialisms.

Lesson 5:  The Significance of Symbols.

Lesson 6:  Determining LGBTQ+ Identities.


LGBTQIA+ Identities.

In this section, we examine identities that fall under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella and provide space for participants to reflect on how they relate to their own identity.

Lesson 1:  What is Identity?

Lesson 2:  Orientation & Attraction.

Lesson 3:  LGBTQ+ Identities (Part 1)

Lesson 4:  What is Gender Identity?

Lesson 5:  LGBTQ+ Identities (Part 2)

Lesson 6a:  Gender Transition.

Lesson 6b:  Pronouns & Misgendering.



Intersectional Experiences.

In this section, we'll spotlight Queer experiences across history, different global and social contexts and within the workplace, considering both the challenges and joys of being LGBTQ+.

Lesson 1a:  Systems of Oppression.

Lesson 1b:  Intersectionality.

Lesson 2a:  Representation & Visibility.

Lesson 2b:  Authenticity & Role Models.

Lesson 3:  Queer Histories.

Lesson 4a:  Queer Experiences - Global.

Lesson 4b:  Queer Experiences - Workplaces.

Lesson 4c:  Queer Experiences - Media.

Lesson 5:  Queer Joy & Queer Futures.


Queer Allyship.

In this section, we tie together the foundational knowledge from the first three modules and explore how to be an ally to LGBTQ+ individuals in your immediate circles, across society and even globally. 

Lesson 1:  What is Allyship?

Lesson 2:  Power & Privilege.

Lesson 3a:  Unconscious & Implicit Bias.

Lesson 3b:  Microaggressions.

Lesson 4:  Organisational Allyship.

Lesson 5:  Individual Allyship.

Lesson 6:  Action Planning.


Your hosts

Each lesson will be hosted by one of our LGBTQ+ Inclusion specialists, Diego Lazaro or Yassine Senghor.

Yassine Senghor


Yassine is a DEI consultant, writer, facilitator, mentor, speaker, sensitivity coach and podcaster with expertise in LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, building community spaces and creating anti-racist workplaces.

Diego Lazaro.jpeg


Diego is a DEI consultant and passionate about bringing positive change within organisations and his purpose is to work towards improving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and society as a whole.

Guest Speakers

Yassine and Diego are joined by a range of guests from the WCS Speaker Collective, who expand on key themes within the course by sharing elements of their lived experience, personal and professional life stories.

Our Platform.

All of our courses are delivered via WCS | Campus, our online community learning platform and social hub. 

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