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Black Women and Wellness in the UK.

This new piece of research in partnership with lululemon aims to explore and highlight the diverse experiences and perspectives of Black women in the UK with regards to wellbeing; identifying areas of inequity in the wellness industry as well as opportunities for improvement and wider social change.

Want to take part?

Who are we looking for?

Ethnicity: Identifies as Black

Gender: Identifies as a Woman

(could also identify as non-binary)

Age: 25-45 

Location: Based in London or UK

We're looking for x50 research participants in total. Please note that prospective participants are invited to self-nominate using a short online questionnaire (5mins) to check that they match the above criteria, before being accepted onto the study. Those accepted onto the study will receive a £100 voucher.


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WCS research team...


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About WCS

We’re a global agency, collective and community on a mission to drive positive change and wellbeing for under-represented groups around the world. We work with businesses to develop shared learning experiences, produce community insights, and craft bespoke solutions through a DEI lens. 


Who has commissioned the research?

The research has been commissioned by the lululemon EMEA IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) team and regional partners who are aiming to enable increased equity within wellness and wellbeing for different groups in society. They are committed to using their Brand voice to advocate for change and to leverage their platforms to communicate with their community. Read more about lululemon's IDEA commitments, investments and progress as a brand here:

Why is this research being conducted?

This research project will inform the continuation of lululemon's work with Black Women in the UK and continue to inform the development of their action plans to combat currently existing inequities in wellness and wellbeing among under-represented groups.

Who is the research surveying exactly?

We're looking for x50 research participants across a broad range of intersectional identities and experiences. Although we will very much be exploring diversity within diversity, we do have some initial over-arching criterea that we are expecting each participant to meet in order to qualify them for this study, as listed below: Ethnicity: Identifies as Black Gender: Identifies as a Woman (could also identify as non-binary) Age: 25-45  Location: Based in London or UK

What does lululemon mean by 'Black'?

A person of any descent who identifies with this racialized term.

Who does lululemon include as 'Women'?

Any human who identifies with womanhood, including those who also identify as non-binary.

What are the expected outcomes of the research?

The aim is to uncover a better understanding of the experiences of Black women in the UK, to ultimately determine how lululemon can have a meaningful influence on social change.

What will the research and report focus on?

Our research and analysis report will centre around 5 key areas: The Space: Defining what the wellbeing and wellness space means to Black women in the UK. Better understanding their current experiences, with particular focus on the past few years. The Movement: Identifying the expectations that Black women place on brands/companies to affect social change, in particular addressing inequity within wellness and wellbeing. What perceptions have shifted over the last few years? How have these actions been interpreted and felt? Diversity within Diversity: By engaging with a wider part of this community (Black women across the UK) we aim to capture nuances within different parts of this group – with different experiences of blackness, inheritance, body shape, gender, queerness, and ability etc. Who is lululemon: Understand current brand perceptions around societal impact of lululemon and the degree of authenticity. lululemon's Role: Identify how lululemon can authentically combat inequity and be an advocate for change as a brand, a corporate citizen, an employer and an influencer.

What will the research inform?

These findings will inform the intial action plan and tactics the EMEA IDEA groups may take, specifically through using our brand to advocate for change for Black women and other under-represented groups within wellness and wellbeing.

What is the research process for participants?

As part of the recruitment phase prospective participants are invited to self-nominate using a short online questionnaire to check that they match the required criteria, before being accepted onto the study. Once accepted onto the study you'll be allocated a date and time for your 90min focus group, which will take place on zoom. And that's it. Once we've completed all the focus groups we'll then spend time analysing the results before publishing the report.

When will the focus groups take place?

You'll be given several dates and times to choose from as part of the qualifying survey. Please select those most most convenient to you.

How big will the focus groups be?

We will keep the groups to 5-6 people to create a more informal and intimate space.

How long will the focus groups be?

We'll keep each focus group to 90mins.

Can participants remain anonymous?

Yes your details won't need to be included anywhere in the research. We will just require your personal information to stay in contact and provide you with more information.

How will those taking part be compensated?

Those who are chosen to take part in the research focus groups will receive a £100 lululemon voucher upon completion.

Any other Questions?

For any more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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