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Intersectional ERG Collaboration at Omnicom.

We speak to Employee Resource Group members at Omnicom about workplace allyship and how ERG membership has shaped their careers.

A photo of Omnicom's OPEN Pride ERG celebrating together outdoors, wearing matching t-shirts and holding colourful signage.

As we enter Pride month many companies will be eager to show off their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion, but fostering real inclusion can’t start or end during Pride season - shifting cultures and creating spaces where LGBTQ+ employees can thrive is a year round effort.

It’s for this reason that we are thrilled to spotlight the partnership we have cultivated with Omnicom over the last 3 years, working closely with their LGBTQ+ employee resource group ‘OPEN Pride’, as well as their wider ERG network. Through working with Omnicom on a range of projects, we have witnessed how OPEN Pride continues to nurture genuine personal growth, connection and success for its members.

We are only as strong as our support networks, and we believe this extends to ERGs too, which is why across our partnership with Omnicom we have encouraged and facilitated collaboration across ERGs, allowing for more intersectional conversations and discoveries to be made. In this interview between two members of ERG’s within Omnicon, we get to hear first hand how these groups are playing an active role in shaping allyship at the company.

Omnicom is a global leader in marketing communications, providing services to over 5000 clients in over 100 countries. They believe that meaningful and mutually respectful relationships with and between their employees, clients and communities are central to the success of their agencies and the brands they represent. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Employee Resource Groups like OPEN Pride are essential tools for delivering on this promise. OPEN Pride’s mission fuels the personal growth, organisational inclusion and business success of Omnicom Group’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) employees and allies.

Omnicom’s OPEN Pride ERG is one of the largest and most historied resource groups at the company, fuelling the personal growth, organisational inclusion and business success of Omnicom’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) employees and allies. Part of the Omnicom People Engagement Network (OPEN) - committed to inclusion and diversity across Omnicom and its agencies - OPEN Pride is dedicated to promoting acceptance and advocacy; creating opportunities for leadership, visibility, community involvement, networking and business. OPEN Pride aims to create alliances with other Omnicom ERGs and foster an inclusive and engaging work environment for Omnicom’s LGBT+ community.

OPEN Pride facts – what OPEN Pride gives to the community and its allies and why it matters:   

  • OPEN Pride boasts 15+ chapters globally, representing in over a dozen cities and across seven countries with three agency-based chapters, as well. 

  • OPEN Pride holds partnerships with various LGBTQ+ organisations worldwide, including WE CREATE SPACE, to develop programs, education, volunteer opportunities. 

  • OPEN Pride has helped Omnicom score 100% on HRC's Corporate Equality Index for seven consecutive years.

  • OPEN Pride facilitates relationships with local LGBTQ+ community centres and identifies opportunities for members to volunteer  and interact locally. 

  • OPEN Pride engages with LGBTQ+ talent organisations, like ROMBA, and initiatives to bring more diverse talent to Omnicom. 

Omnicom also offers global ERGs for Asian, Black and Latine communities, as well as for women and the disability community. OPEN Pride collaborates with these other Omnicom ERGs to develop intersectional programming, educational pieces, and social events, fostering community and bridging the gap for employees from all walks of life. 

A photo of Donna Bellamy, an ERG member at Omnicom. She has dark skin and short textured hair. She wears a purple suit jacket and pearl earrings.

Donna Bellamy (she/her)

Group Account Director, Head of Diversity, BLQ Leadership Team

KERN Agency


How has being a member of your ERG impacted your professional growth and career journey? Being a member of an ERG has been an inspirational spark for my career journey. Most importantly, our ERG has provided a platform to connect with a broad cross section of people within the Omnicom network. From sharing emerging trends, to identifying new business opportunities, to having a conversation with someone who understands the environment, ERGs have provided connections and access.  Those connections tend to be more meaningful and enduring because of the foundational roles ERGs play in creating a nurturing and collaborative culture.


Can you tell us about a time when a coworker at Omnicom has been an ally to you?

Allies have been especially important over the past few years as women, and specifically Black women, continue to strive to have our voices heard in leadership conversations. Following a recent meeting where I felt my perspective was overlooked, I reached out to my trusted ally. This individual offered perspective and advice regarding the situation. Their counsel provided me with a sense of security and encouragement that allows me to persist in my efforts to express my viewpoints with confidence.


How does the culture of belonging at Omnicom shape the work that you do?

Omnicom's culture of belonging includes efforts to foster an environment where all can bring their true selves to work and are valued for their unique contributions. This focus on authenticity and appreciation allows us to discard the mask of perfection, encouraging a more open exchange of ideas. As a result, we benefit from a wealth of diverse perspectives, sparking innovation and fresh thinking across assignments and projects.


A photo of Will Donnelly, an ERG member at Omnicom. Will has pale skin, short sandy hair and a beaerd. He wears a blue shirt with a geometric pattern.

Will Donnelly (he/him)

Executive Assistant and Co-Chair of OPEN Pride SoCal



How has being a member of your ERG impacted your professional growth and career journey?

Omnicom is the first larger sized company I’ve worked for and being a member of an ERG has allowed me to find community within an overwhelming space. Starting a job from home during the pandemic was difficult but OPEN Pride introduced me to people that I would have never met or worked with. Being Co-Chair of OPEN Pride SoCal and working with the global board has impacted my professional growth by expanding my network across the entire global landscape of Omnicom. The connections I’ve made from OPEN Pride have yielded many opportunities for my career journey.

Can you tell us about a time when a coworker at Omnicom has been an ally to you?

Many coworkers have been allies to me. When faced with career uncertainty I was able to connect with many colleagues I met through OPEN Pride for guidance and further networking. I think the personal connections built through ERGs are so strong because they allow us to humanise our work and build bridges outside of the networking we do within our day jobs.

How does the culture of belonging at Omnicom shape the work that you do?

The culture of belonging at Omnicom has brought so much fulfilment to the work that I do. Being able to form and facilitate a local community in Los Angeles as well as getting on a huge virtual meeting with OPEN Pride members from around the globe makes everything feel more connected and personal.


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