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Taking Up Space: Queer 365.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Voices from our global leadership speaker collective share the We Create Space queer manifesto.

WE CREATE SPACE is committed to championing the importance of queer spaces and queer voices 365 days a year - it’s the essence of who we are. We've created this video manifesto with the help of our global speaker collective as a reminder that Pride is not just for the month of June, but is a year-long commitment and endeavour. Will you commit to taking up space with us?

The We Create Space Manifesto.

Taking Up Space: Queer 365.

Queer spaces have always dared to creatively challenge ‘what’s possible’ - places where we are able to express ourselves freely, learn and grow as a community, and as individuals. They are essential for us to thrive personally, professionally, and fundamentally help pave the way for a more sustainable queer-inclusive future.

Pride must signify Progress. And, in order to evolve the movement’s legacy, we too, today, must continue to fight emphatically. We must cause cultural commotion, be engaged, be visible and vocal.

When we take up space, we empower ourselves and model a way forward for other Queer people who haven't seen themselves reflected in media or society. In doing so, we honour our queer ancestors and carry the torch of progress forward.

We know that our Queerness doesn’t disappear when Pride season ends, or when the rainbow flag comes down. We deserve the space to be ourselves 365 days a year, not just for the days that society publicly celebrates our identities.

Now more than ever we need queer spaces - ones that allow us to rest and recharge, to self-reflect and centre ourselves, to propagate community and solidarity.

As part of the We Create Space Queer Leadership Collective, we’re committed to taking up space, this month and every month - to create a world that is just and equitable for all LGBTQ+ people. A world where individuals lead with love and influence positive social change. And a world where we can shine as individuals, celebrating and embracing our unique gifts and perspectives.

Will you join us?


A special thanks to Yassine Senghor, Erica Rose, Michael Edward Stephens, Taofique Folarin, Shawn Aaron, Jennifer Polzin, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Andre Johnsen, Marley Conte, Ale Rebon, David Kam, Andrew Seedall, Calvin Stovell, Christopher McDonnell, Sophia Emmerich, Dr. Christopher Owen, CK and Bekky Harrison for contributing to this video.


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