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Bekky is a dynamic Product Principle who specializes in driving organizational change, cultivating communities, and promoting agile ways of working. With a Masters' in Law and Corporate Governance, they have built an impressive career in the digital space, leveraging their expertise to help individuals and teams excel in the workplace. Bekky is a skilled conflict manager, and has proven success in creating and running projects in various sectors, including the community and alongside law enforcement. She is also passionate about facilitating difficult conversations and promoting vulnerability in leadership. Outside of work, Bekky is an inclusive whisky club owner, cold water swimmer, and coffee enthusiast. She lives on the South coast with her wife, and sausage dog. She is committed to promoting neurodiversity and fostering a culture of inclusion in all areas of life. As a thought leader, Bekky is happy to speak about topics such as leadership, community building, culture change, and neurodiversity.

Bekky Harrison

Bekky Harrison

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