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Vijay Chohan is a former corporate solicitor who quickly discovered that, as a gay South Asian, he didn't quite "fit in" to the homogenous (straight white middle-class) culture of his workplace. After seven years of enduring this toxic environment, he left and joined OLIVER Agency as an in-house lawyer, in search of a more creative and accepting culture. Following a two-year stint in Legal, Vijay decided to pursue his passion and joined the newly-formed DEI team as Global DEI Partner. Having made waves in Ad-land, Vijay has recently joined British Airways as Inclusion & Diversity Manager, where he hopes to drive sustainable change across aviation. Combining his legal expertise and personal experiences, he now champions inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Vijay is an expert in topics such as anti-racism, intersectionality, workplace allyship, and community building. He also has valuable insights into LGBTQ+ discrimination, mental health, well-being, body positivity, and identity.

Vijay Chohan

Vijay Chohan

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