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We Create Space: 2023 Community Action Plan.

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

What are getting up to in 2023? Our plans for the year ahead.

Incorporating all the valuable feedback and insights from our last Community Survey, we've now set out our plans and ambitions as an organisation, and as a collective, for 2023...

1. Strengthen the WCS intra-community network.

We hope to strengthen the WCS intra-community network, connections and relationships through the hosting of more global events and experiences – bringing together both international community activists and corporate professionals in shared spaces, both virtual and in-person.

We plan to host more free…

  • In-person events in London and around the UK.

  • In-person events in Barcelona.


  • Take WCS on a small World Tour hosting some community events in other cities.

  • Expand our ‘Pride & Beyond’ Queer Leadership Summit activation.

  • Explore a WCS Community Digital Platform to connect people beyond events.

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2. Ensure we're a progressive, inclusive and attractive organisation to work for, and collaborate with.

As we expand our team and grow our network of queer talent, we will:

  • Build out, train, and support the global internal teams, collective and advisory board.

  • Improve representation from speakers across certain identity groups, age-ranges, languages, and continents.

  • Continue to invest back into the LGBTQ+ community through the creation of even more paid work opportunities.

  • Identify more Queer Charity Partners and Social Enterprises for WCS to support and collaborate with.

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3. Continue to help LGBTQ+ people around the world access a sustainable path to Queer Leadership.

We are continuing to:

  • Build an archive of FREE reliable educational information for our global community members.

  • Host more online webinars and panels (such as our Queer Perspectives and Queer Leadership 101 series).

  • Produce more articles and videos on leadership development topics as well as wellbeing content to support individuals on their journey.

Check out all our past webinars for free on our YouTube channel.

4. Enhance our DEI services and establishing longer-term partnerships with our global network of corporate clients.

This will allow us to continue…

  • Advocating for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace.

  • Creating more paid work opportunities for our global collective of change-makers.

  • Connecting grass-roots community leaders with corporate organisations; creating space for new perspectives and conversations.

  • Raising money to fund all our free events, content, resources and development opportunities for our global community.


  • Produce a new WCS Workplace Report to provide LGBTQIA+ data and insights as we explore Queer Leadership across different professions, industries and sectors.

Find out more about our consultancy services here.

5. Further develop our own online learning platform.

We want to improve and develop our own online learning platform. We hope for WCS to remain a high-quality source for FREE Queer Allyship info and tools.

We plan to...

  • Be even more intentional and intersectional with our programming and Allyship content, covering topics that matter most to our community.

  • Continue creating meaningful resources that support individuals with strengthening their role as change agents within their own communities or organisations.

  • Continue to advocate for holistic approaches to activism and learning.

Explore our Library and Glossary for existing Queer Allyship resources.


If you have any questions please get in touch with us via email at


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