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Our Impact in the Community: 2022 Queer Year in Review.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Looking back and reflecting on what we've achieved, the projects we've delivered, the events we've held, and most importantly, the impact that we've had over the course of the last year as an organisation, and as a collective.

Ben Pechey and Yaz Senghor presenting at WCS's Pride & Beyond retreat. The audience are sat at long tables to their left and right. There are wooden panels behind them.

At We Create Space, it's our mission to equip our communities with new tools and practices for Queer Leadership, Allyship and Wellbeing. As a non-profit community-led social-enterprise, profits made from the work we do with corporations go back into the LGBTQ+ community; providing free events, well-being solutions, resources and support to the wider global queer community.

At the start of this year we set out our Community Action Plan, based on feedback from our global community, about what they wanted to see from We Create Space in 2022. Today we wanted to revisit how we’ve achieved those goals. So much of the work we do is 'behind-the-scenes', so our team have put together this little summary highlighting just some of what we have all accomplished as a collective in 2022.

1. We provided more FREE Online Learning and Leadership Development Opportunities for our Global Community.

This year, we welcomed 1500+ global Queer Leaders and Allies to join us for on our FREE online Webinars and Panel Discussions.

During our Queer Leadership 101 Series this year, we explored:

  1. How to Healthily Challenge Executive Leadership

  2. Shifting the Mindset of Others

  3. Nurturing Queer Leaders of the Future

  4. How to Grow Your Empathetic Leadership Skills

  5. How to Define and Affirm Our Values

  6. How to Avoid the DEI Comparison Trap

  7. How to an Anti-Racist LGBTQ+ Ally

You can find recordings of each of these sessions and more on our Queer Leadership 101 YouTube Playlist.

During our Queer Perspectives Series this year, we delved into:

  1. Being a Queer Leader of Faith

  2. Surviving Conversion Therapy

  3. Mental Health and Overcoming Addiction

  4. Navigating Male Privilege

  5. Intersectional Black Identities

  6. Migrant and Refugee Status

You can find recordings of each of these sessions and more on our Queer Perspectives YouTube Playlist.

"We Create Space gave me something I wasn’t aware I needed: support from a queer platform to help me achieve my dreams and navigate life. The dedication that all the team put in to make it remarkable is impressive." - Matheus P

2. We expanded our internal team, UK Advisory Board, and global speaker collective.

We Create Space wouldn't be what it is without the inspiring individuals that make up our internal team, and our wider collective. All of this expansion means that we are able to dig deeper and provide increasingly meaningful and specialised consideration into everything we do. We can't wait to see what we can achieve in 2023!

"Whenever I get the chance to be with my queer siblings on a WCS session, I always walk away with a full heart." - Bachul Koul

3. We developed our content platform and resource library.

A flickering gif showing cover images from various WCS socials posts from 2022. The pictures are organised so they flash past in rainbow order.

Content is a huge part of what we do at WCS, and it's the glue which connects all the different parts of our organisation together. It also connects us to you - our community and our clients. Through guest-written pieces and contributions from our Leadership Collective, as well as content that we put together in-house, we use our content as a way for those who are part of our community to get to know each-other better; provide inspiration for considered reflection on how we can all be better Queer Leaders and Allies to those around us; and best of all, let people know about our in-person Community Events. The statistics speak for themselves, with our website having hosted 7.72k unique users and gaining 30k page views this year.

Here is some of our most popular content from 2022:

Click here to head to our Journal and

"A committed, fantastic and truly inclusive organisation - run by kind, intelligent and passionate individuals." - Jaqcui D

4. We organised more FREE in-person panels, workshops and events.

While our online programming of workshops and webinars are important for bringing together our global LGBTQIA+ Community and our clients, this year, we have successfully partnered with venues in both London and Barcelona to organise 20 local in-person Community Events. These have represented meaningful opportunities to hear new perspectives, network and build relationships (and friendships), with Queer Leaders attending from across both our corporate and community activism networks.

"This was such a fantastic event from start to finish. It felt like a very safe space and to have everyone there for the same reason was great. Well thought through, interesting with time for discussion and self reflection." - Miles Z

If you would like to see what events we have coming up, check out our events page. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

5. We expanded our global corporate partner networks and consultancy services.

A key part of how we encourage positive change for our community is by advocating for LGBTQ+ people within corporate environments; providing services and solutions to the companies we work with - whether this be:

- Community Insights and Research

All delivered through our bespoke Event Packages and Annual Memberships.

We are proud to say we now work with over 100 corporate partners and their ERGs. In 2022, we have also engaged with over 10,000 employees of these companies. If each one of these participants learns something from one of our sessions or speakers and applies it in their every day life, this means we are well on the way to making meaningful progress in how we work, as well as how we treat the people around us.

You can find some case-studies and the clients we work with here.

"One of the benefits of working with WCS is the tailored aspect – the team is able to make the sessions fit our specific needs as a client." - Lloyd T, YMU Group

6. We invested back into the community through creating hundreds of paid work opportunities for our collective.

One of the most fulfilling parts of our work as a non-profit organisation is that we are able to provide members of our LGBTQ+ Community and Queer Leadership Collective paid work opportunities. This, in turn, enables them to continue the work they do in the community - driving change and inspiring others to feel empowered in their own identities. We are proud to say that we have been able to invest over £285,000 back into our fabulous community in 2022 alone.

7. We continued to support individuals through strengthening their role as change agents and allies within their own communities.

Supporting our Queer Leaders and strengthening their roles as change agents is at the crux of all that we do. Without the strength and determination of these change-makers, our organisation wouldn't be what it is. Therefore, we understand the importance of doing everything we can to support them in their work, to ensure that they can continue educating others and making our world a better place. This means, regrouping, recharging and reenergising through collective learning and healing.

Our Pride & Beyond Summit held in May, as well as our Queer Leadership Retreat in July, were two of the biggest stand-out moments in the year, where we really provided a tailored space to Queer Leaders, and their unique needs. We can't wait to host these again next year!

"A taste of queer utopia! The Queer Leadership Retreat was so well organized and supported, and all of the programming (and space between programming) was thoughtfully planned. I left feeling more connected, rested and somehow also energized, and ready to take what I learned into my work and life." - Joshua L

We would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has taken time to work with us this year. Everyone has worked so hard to get us to this point, and we are very proud of what we have achieved with your dedication and knowledge.

We wish everyone a restful festive period, and we will see you again in 2023!



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