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What does it mean to love your body as a queer person?

Updated: Jan 12

We asked four We Create Space team members to openly talk about their own experiences and struggles with self-image as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The body-positivity movement is a wonderful force for change, but queer people’s body image issues continue to be overlooked. With this in mind, we asked a few of our We Create Space team to talk about their own journeys towards self-acceptance and coming to terms with their queer bodies. We also discussed the LGBTQ+ community’s expectations of our own people, and how the intersections of identities can affect how we perceive ourselves.

About our contributors:

Ajay Pabial (he/him)

Ajay is a London-based queer artist of South-Asian heritage on a mission to shine the light on other creatives from culturally diverse backgrounds and LGBT+ intersections. He runs his own social enterprise, Art Clubbers CIC, and he's a Civic Futures Fellow for the Mayor of London. He’s also on our Board of Directors at We Create Space.

Freddie Lewis (he/him)

Freddie Lewis is a songwriter and poet. He believes in the healing power of writing and communicates his love for life and living as a queer trans man through his songs. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to him about his creative process and queer journey as part of our “My Story, My Way” workshop series.

River Solace (they/them)

River is a nonbinary songwriter and poet currently based in London. They use their music and artistic process to express not only their queer identity, but their own struggles with mental health and self image. They’re also the creative director of “The Soft Approach” zine.

Yassine identifies as a queer gender-nonconforming woman, and is the founder of Confronting Change, specialising in diversity and inclusion services. Yassine also works as the Inclusion and Equity manager for Impact Culture, and sits on the board for both Marlborough Productions in Brighton and the Streatham Space Project in London. She is also an avid culture writer and “occasional” model.


Corporate Solutions: Did you know that we organise educational and informative webinars covering topics such as LGBTQ+ History 101, Body Image, Intersectionality, LGBTQ+ Women in the workplace, LGBTQ+ and HIV and Addiction in the Queer Community. Get in touch to find out more.


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