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Chloe is a dynamic artist of poetry, performance, and black feminism, with a gift for igniting social change through her art. She is a celebrated public speaker and workshop facilitator, inspiring and empowering audiences with her powerful message of equality and justice. Her career includes performances at prestigious venues such as the Victoria and Albert Museum UAL Feminist Society and the Women of the World Festival with Black Lives Matter. She has also conducted a groundbreaking workshop at Tate Britain on Critical Practice as Play, and has facilitated creative poetry writing workshops for Blackgirl Fest, CSM, and the Black Feminist Library. Chloe is a vocal advocate for various social justice issues, including anti-racism, LGBTQ+ discrimination, intersectionality, and body positivity. She is passionate about educating others on how to create a more equitable world.

Chloe Filani

Chloe Filani

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