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Doug is an accomplished activist, speaker, and researcher on LGBTQI+ and human rights issues, hails from Caracas, Venezuela. As a human geographer, Doug offers critical analysis of sociopolitical phenomena through an intersectional feminist and decolonial lens. They have collaborated with multilateral and international organizations such as IGLYO, ILGA World, and the Equal Rights Coalition, in addition to local and community groups across Europe, North and South America. Doug's unwavering commitment to undoing harmful and unjust systems of power that marginalize, disenfranchise, and dehumanize individuals and communities across the world is evident through their work and actions. They are a passionate advocate for reimagining futures of hope and mutual care, with a focus on topics such as LGBTQ+ history, anti-racism, intersectionality, and culture change.

Doug Graffeo

Doug Graffeo

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