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Tanvir is a Technical SEO Lead at Merkle, leveraging an academic background in Marketing B.Sc. with first-class honours from Aston University. Born to first-generation immigrant parents in Tower Hamlets, he called it home until 2008. Since then, he's found roots in Leicester, where he resides with his family. Beyond his professional endeavours, Tanvir is a passionate self-taught Python enthusiast, with a particular focus on data science applications. He's also on a musical journey, currently mastering the art of playing the piano. A dedicated gym-goer, he views exercise as a crucial aspect of maintaining his mental well-being. In 2021, Tanvir took on the role of caring for his younger brothers alongside his sister, a responsibility they've embraced since their mother's passing from Ovarian Cancer.

Tanvir Ali

Tanvir Ali

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