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EFT Tapping for Emotional Regulation and Stress Relief.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Luke Light, a queer Relational Dynamics Coach and EFT practitioner, provides some insight into the practice of EFT tapping and how it can be used as an aid in processing your emotions and managing stress.

An illustration of a person with short hair, resting their hand on their chest, with targets on various EFT tapping points.

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique, and it’s a method developed by Gary Craig, an expert in Neurolinguistic Programming which is the practice of relating thoughts, language, and patterns of learned behaviour to specific outcomes.

How could it help you?

By using tapping techniques on certain points of the body, you can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system response, taking us out of fight/flight/fawn/freeze and into rest/digest/recovery. Vocalising your feelings aloud as you tap allows us to process difficult emotions and calm ourselves.

Luke's story.

Luke is a masc presenting person. They are white with blue eyes, and have short dark hair and a big moustache and beard. They wear a large silver chain and black t-shirt.

“I began tapping in 2019 to deal with stress at work, but it wasn’t until I started coaching with Jody Shield in 2020 that it really landed. It gave me a practical tool to navigate the connection between the body and the mind, understanding that the mind is not just in the brain but spread across our body.

Using tapping I found that I could give my body space to feel emotional energy that might have been trapped in my body for years, allowing it to complete its journey of simply being felt and released, instead of replaying through triggers in challenging situations.

I then went on to train as an EFT Tapping practitioner and use it in coaching settings, in combination with mindful awareness practices such as tarot reading and meditation, or as a stand-alone therapeutic tool.”

Where are EFT Tapping point on our bodies?

EFT tapping points are on the top of our heads, eyebrows, the outer side of our eye, under our eye, under own nose, our chin, our collarbone, our underarm and the side of our palm (aka karate chop)

Try an exercise with us.

  • Think of something that is bothering you and vocalise it out loud. Now tap your Karate Chop point and say your set up phrase three times:

“Even though I feel this way, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel.”

  • Using the diagram, move through each of the points, tapping them five to ten times while repeating the set up phrase. Use a comfortable, medium pressure to tap.

  • After you have completed each of the points, check in with yourself and see how you feel. You can do another round if you feel inclined, or leave the exercise there.

  • Return to this exercise the next time you feel distress!

Examples of phrase/tapping point combinations you could use.

Choose a point and phrase which relates to something that is bothering you, as above.

Eyebrow: "I’m feeling really overwhelmed"

Side of the eye: "All this stuff happening"

Under eye: "I’m really stressed out"

Under nose: "What if I miss something?"

Chin: "What if it all gets too much?"

Collarbone: "I’m so overwhelmed right now"

Under arm: "And I don’t know how to move through it

Top of the head: "So much happening right now"

Eyebrow: "And I can’t cope with it all"

Side of the eye: "What if I miss something?"

Under eye: "And then I’ll mess up"

Under nose: "And I feel anxious just thinking about it"

Chin: "I’m stressed out"

Collarbone: "I’m feeling overwhelmed"

Under arm: "With all I have on"

Top of head: "I can’t think straight!"

Next, take a deep breath in and exhale. Then continue to tap and repeat the sequences until you feel calmer and more relieved. When you feel relief, tap through a ‘positive round’ and say each phrase below out loud:

Eyebrow: "I know I can move through this"

Side of the eye: "I know I have the strength inside"

Under eye: "I choose to believe I’ll get through this"

Under nose: "I know I can find my power inside"

Chin: "I believe this is my journey now"

Collarbone: "I know I can move through this"

Under arm: "And feel good about myself again"

Top of head: "I choose to believe in my inner strength"

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