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Healing with Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Manuel Schlothauer talks us through some therapeutic techniques designed to target and resolve issues quickly and thoughtfully, with lasting results.

An illustration of a someone's side profile with their eyes closed. Where their brain is, flowers and plants are growing.

We’ve collaborated with Manuel Schlothauer, a queer clinical therapist and coach who attended our recent Pride & Beyond retreat, to provide some insight into the unique properties of Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT pulls from and combines a range of therapeutic techniques to reprogram your thoughts and create lasting changes in your mental health.

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a stand-alone modality developed by Marisa Peer, is a uniquely tailored methodology of psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, neuroscience, NLP, CBT, parts therapy and Gestalt psychology. Incredibly rapid but never rushed. In combination with coaching interventions, the majority of issues are resolved after only 1-3 sessions. Incredibly rapid but never rushed.

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, RTT does not rely solely on positive reinforcement or passive sessions. Too often this is the sole focus for traditional hypnotherapists: Sit, listen and leave.

As the client, you work alongside your RTT therapist to uncover the meaning and interpretation of past events. RTT purposefully helps the client deal with ‘unfinished business’ by addressing the pain that some clients have felt for many years.

How could it help you?

Breakthroughs are achieved by understanding and fixing the root cause, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the presenting issue. This is why RTT has such a permanent all-pervasive impact, as it erases and eradicates issues at the core for life-changing benefits.

Over the years I have worked with clients from all walks of life on an array of topics, yet I specialise in working with underrepresented communities and men’s mental health.

Some of the topics you might want to tackle together:

  • Your Romantic and Sexual Identity and Fluidity

  • Your Gender Identity and Fluidity

  • Your Coming Out — or Letting People In Journey

  • Your Social, Romantic and Sexual Relationships

  • Family Dynamics and Trauma

  • Addiction & Substance Use, Misuse and Abuse

  • Physical Health and Well-being, incl. STDs, Eating Disorders

  • Intersectionality & Discrimination, incl. Racism, Colourism, Ageism, Ableism

  • Sexual Performance, Preferences and Kinks

  • Body Image

  • Transitioning

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • LGBTQIAP+ Parenting and Fertility

  • Aligning your Identity, your Purpose and your Career

With RTT I believe you can reclaim your freedom and empowerment.

  • Free yourself from negative self-talk and that nagging inner critic.

  • No more unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, feelings and habits.

  • Incredible, undisputed and unapologetic self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Being authentically yourself, 100% and forever.

  • Balanced and purpose-driven holistic well-being incl. your relationships, emotional life, health & fitness, career, finances, sex life, and more.

  • Rekindle your radiating passion and infectious energy and share it with others.

  • Know your worth inside out and shout it from the rooftops!

Manuel's story.

An image of Manuel - he is a white man with Blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a grey t-shirt and smiles to the camera.

When I think back to my childhood and teenage years in this sleepy, fairytale-like village, I remember beauty, joy and serenity. Our mind is funny like that: It always tries to protect us. It is only in deep self-reflection and conversations that I remember that I had my fair share of challenges. Challenges that shaped who I am today, that made me resilient and inclusive… but also challenges that created trauma and unhealthy, unhelpful beliefs about myself and the world. Scarcity and poverty, bullying, body image, divorce, loneliness, extremist nationalist or abusive or homophobic or incredibly religious family members, family members in prison and mental institutions, substance abuse, the untimely and sudden death of close friends, and hiding my true self for nearly a quarter of my life.

“Under every roof, there is an ‘Oof!’”

— My Grandma Hildegard

Life is not as straightforward as they make you believe in school but I have good news for you: You're not defined by what happened to you, not by the amount on your bank account, your weight, your looks, your shape, your age, the colour of your skin or who you kiss goodnight at the end of the day. This realisation has been liberating and brought me on a path of transformation, both for myself and others.

Today as a Queer therapist, coach and consultant I support clients from all walks of life with a specialisation in underrepresented groups and men’s mental health. As a therapist from the Queer community for the Queer community, I regularly train therapists and coaches around the world on working with the LGBTQ+ community.

Try an exercise with us.

Every habit of action is governed by a habit of thought. Do you want to tackle a behaviour you dislike or create a positive change in your life? Change the habit of thought and the habit of action, and your behaviour, will follow.

an illustration of a cycle, with thought leading to emotion, emotion leading to actions and habits, actions and habits leading to evidence, and evidence leading back to thought.

Changing our habit of thought...

Let's see what this cycle looks like if we begin with a negative thought:

same cyclical diagram as above - this time the thought applies is "I am different, nobody likes me." This leads to feelings of lonliness and isolation. In turn, our actions and habits make us distance ourselves from others, and evidence shows us that we are alone as no one talks to us, leading to back to the thought that being different is wrong.

But look what happens if we change this negative thought to a positive one:

same structure as before but with the positive thought "I may be different but people love that about me." This leads to emotions that open us up and empower us, and our actions mean we acknowledge our uniqueness and approach others. Evidence then shows that being different makes conversation easier, and reinforces positive thoughts

Why should you try this, or work with Manuel?

Personal Growth is booming and I’m beyond delighted to see so many people invest in their physical, emotional and mental health. Yet, with such an appetite for personal development, there’s been a ginormous influx of coaches and traditional therapists who suggest that you need to spend years and years of sessions, valuable time and hard-earned money to slowly free yourself from your Anxiety, Burnout, PTSD, OCD, or Lack of Confidence (among many others). Some even say you can never get rid of it and require a lifetime of sessions and medication.

That subscription-like business model upsets me immensely. You wouldn’t go to a dentist each week to talk about your pain, just to hear that you need to return weekly and live with that pain for the rest of your life. Imagine going to a bakery every other Wednesday, describing your dream loaf of bread, the way it would smell, the way it would taste and feel, just to hear the baker telling you that dreaming about it is as close as you can ever get but you’d be welcome to return next time to talk about it again. (You may notice by my analogies that I do love a good loaf of bread.)

Despite there being such a high supply of coaches and therapists, so many people are still struggling to truly transform their lives. People see coaches but don’t go deep enough. Others see traditional therapists but after everything is said and done, more is said than actually done.

The common questions I hear my potential clients ask include:

  • Why is therapy so hard and dry and takes forever?

  • Is there an easier (and especially faster) way to turn things around? It’s been so time-consuming and difficult…

  • I’ve invested so much time and money in coaching sessions. How come it hasn’t paid off?

  • My therapist and my coach don’t talk to each other and I spend most of my sessions updating them.

  • I’m not sure about therapy. I much rather keep that Pandora’s box shut, even if that means living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Erectile Dysfunction.

If you, too, are asking yourself these kinds of questions from time to time (maybe not the last one word-by-word), know that you are not alone. I certainly felt frustrated but I’d like to invite you to ask yourself better questions. You know, when we ask better questions, we get better answers.

  • What if we approached therapy the way we approach dentistry: get to the root, extract and heal?

  • What if we approached coaching the way we approach baking: design the recipe, get baking and enjoy?

  • What if my coach, my therapist and my personal cheerleader were the same person?

  • What if instead of years and years of sessions, I would only need to spend 30 days to radically transform my life?

Where would you be?

What would life look like if you got exactly what you wanted and more?

You can book a session with Manuel through his website at


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